Clinical Query Language (CQL) provides a more human-friendly Infix editor for Edit Checks but there are concepts that are repeated in different Edit Checks. Aliases provide a way to name those repeated concepts. An Alias is a short name and a snippet of CQL code. When you use the short name (the Alias) in an Edit Check TrialGrid expands it first into it’s equivalent CQL and then into QuickEdit syntax that Rave can understand.

An example will help to illustrate this. Imagine the following simple Edit Check:


If we define an Alias SEX_CODE for SCREEN.DM.SEX.CodedValue we could re-write the CQL in the Edit Check as:


An Alias can contain the same Clinical Query Language (CQL) functions and operators as for Derivations and so can be more complex than a simple reference to a Field. This is an Alias ‘AGE’ which will calculate the age at screening:


This Alias can then be used in an Edit Check:

@AGE < 18 or @AGE > 70

Functions and operators which are only available in Edit Checks cannot be used in an Alias. For example this is NOT a valid Alias:


This restriction is so that Aliases can be used in Edit Checks and in Derivations, and so they cannot contain Edit Check only functions and operators.


Aliases may not refer to other Aliases.

Using Aliases in Edit Checks and Derivations

Once an Alias is defined you can use it in the CQL of an Edit Check or Derivation just like the example above. In the QuickEdit view of the Edit Check the Alias is “decomposed” back into its Check Steps.