Latest Release : 21 Beta

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Issues Fixed

Issues fixed in this release:


Issue ID




Standards Rules are now displayed in a more human readable way.


On the Draft home page a count of active Standards Rules is only shown if the related Library has Standard rules defined.


On the Draft home page a list of active rules is now available. This shows which rules have been activated by the Project Property settings.


Standard Rules display for Fields in the Form editor now includes the description from the Standard Rule if any.


Objects in a Library Draft which have related Standard Rules now have a tab which displays those rules (previously only the Form editor had this tab).


When creating Drafts from a Library the unique fingerprints of Forms were not properly updated. This was corrected.


When creating Drafts from a Library the objects copied have their copied-from information set to the library object they were copied from so that their source is recorded.


When creating Drafts from a Library the Draft attributes such as Primary Form, Primary Matrix and signature prompt etc should be copied from the Library draft.


When creating a Draft from the Library custom property were compared with case-sensitivity, this caused matches not to be found (“Value” not equal to “VALUE”). This was corrected.


Core Configuration files containing Unicode NULL (�) values cause the Core Config import to fail. This was corrected.


When generating a draft from the library, appropriate matrices and their folder/form combinations are now also copied over. See help on generating Drafts from Libraries for more information.


Uploaded ALS files may contain spaces at the end of Field control type names e.g. “RadioButton ” or have incorrect case e.g. “longText” instead of “LongText”. The system now corrects where possible and fails on invalid control types.