Properties are custom fields which can hold up to 8,000 characters of text. They can be associated with the following types of objects in your drafts:

Properties can be used to capture custom metadata associated with these Draft Objects.

When a property is defined in a URL for an Object, that property becomes available to all objects of that type in that URL. For example, if a property of “Version” is added for Fields in the URL then all Field objects will have a Version property which can be edited in the Form editor.

The Show in Lists attribute controls whether the Property is shown in object lists. This allows Form and Field Properties to be displayed alongside other attributes of those objects such as Name and OID.

Custom Property values are exported from TrialGrid in the ALS in an TG_<objectname>Properties sheet (e.g. TG_FieldProperties) and can also be imported into Drafts in TrialGrid where the ALS has those worksheets.


The TrialGrid ALS upload process will not import properties for Draft Objects where the URL does not have a property of that name defined. For example, if the ALS contains a PropertyName of “DOMAIN” for Fields then these properties will only be imported if “DOMAIN” is defined as a property in the TrialGrid URL. If there is no property of that name the property value will be ignored with a warning during the ALS upload.


Medidata Rave cannot import Custom Property sheets, it ignores these worksheets in any ALS uploaded into Architect.