Release Notes

Historical listing of changes made in releases.

Date Issue ID Description
2019-04-11 1155 Field Help length limit was set to 4,000 characters to match Rave.
1154 Field PreText length limit was set to 4,000 characters to match Rave.
1153 Form Help length limit was set to 4,000 characters to match Rave.
1152 Confirmation text limit was set to 4,000 characters to match Rave.
2019-04-05 1134 When creating a UAT Test Run if a non-existent Rave URL was entered then an internal error message was displayed. This has been replaced by a readable message.
1135 In the UAT Test Case Editor selecting the ‘Then I should see form {form} in folder {folder}’ step was incorrectly inserting another step. This has been corrected.
1137 Because of a bug in Rave Web Services (MCC-147590) the ‘Enter Data’ step in UAT Test Case was not causing all Fields on a Log Record to be submitted. The Rave Web Service calls have been modified to workaround this bug and the ‘Enter Data’ step now functions as expected on Log and Standard records.
2019-04-02 1100 Diagnostic 0094 does not correctly report multiple checks linking to a field via VariableOID. This was fixed.
1102 When importing Drafts direct from Rave the process can fail if a Draft has a large number of Folders. This is a known issue in Rave. The manual workaround is to download the Draft in parts and merge the sheets in Microsoft Excel. The TrialGrid import-from-Rave feature now takes care of this automatically, downloading in sections and then re-assembling for import so that Drafts with large numbers of Folders can now be imported.
925 The Form Editor now shows a list of related Derivations and Edit Checks for each Field under the Field Checks tab.
1106 When selecting a Project to copy Diagnostics from the dialog will sometimes not enable the Copy button. This was fixed.
1110 Some email-related system settings were moved from system configuration into code because of the risk of changes between beta / pre-production and production versions. End-users will see no difference and are not affected.
1111 When the Matrix List is opened, the Default Matrix is automatically selected. It also has (default) added to its name to make it clear which is the Default Matrix (if any).
1112 Validation docs were no longer showing screenshots in validation portal. This was fixed.
1113 Validation docs were showing copyright 2018. This was updated to 2019 for future releases.
1114 Validation docs were not showing some text elements in the results section. This was fixed.
1115 On FireFox on starting Draft Upload from an ALS spreadsheet if you navigated away from the page then the task list did not update to show progress of the upload running in the background. This was fixed.
1119 Rave EDC 2018.2.1 and 2018.2.2 were added as possible Rave EDC versions.
1130 Rave EDC 2018.2.3 were added as possible Rave EDC versions.
1121 If you removed an entry from a View, Entry or Review Group list for a Field so that went from some entries to no entries, the property editor for that field would no longer display (it would stay stuck on the previous field). This was corrected.
1122 Draft Properties now include whether a Wiki page from the list of Project Wiki Pages should be displayed on the Draft Home page. This can be used to provide more information about the Draft such as integrations it includes or current state.
1123 Draft Properties now includes an option to control whether to show UAT Coverage statistics on the Draft Home page. These statistics show how many Edit Checks, Derivations, Forms and Custom Functions have associated UAT Tests and how many passed on their last run.
1126 Owners of Projects were not able to assign themselves to Tickets. This was fixed.
1127 Diagnostic 99 identified Folder and Form repeats for Checksteps which were not data-related. This was corrected so that it only takes into account data steps.
1078 Tickets may be closed and re-opened.
1124 In the Custom Function editor a Validate button has been added. This will verify the source code of the Custom Function against Rave and provide the same errors as the Rave Custom Function editor if there is a problem with the source code.
1131 Preview of Custom Functions and Custom Function Templates would render xml content in the Custom Function source code as html - e.g. <input> would be rendered as an input element. This was corrected.
User Acceptance Testing Features
1063 The Draft home page now shows a count of UAT Test Cases.
1064 Clicking the UAT Test Case count on the Draft home page shows a list of UAT Test Cases.
1065 A Test Case can be deleted from the list of UAT Test Cases.
1066 A Test Case editor was added.
1067 Entering @EditCheck:EDIT_CHECK_NAME in the Test Case Editor creates a relationships between the Test Case and the Edit Check for test coverage and traceability from test to Check.
1068 Similar to other object Editors, users can make comments on Test Cases.
1069 Similar to other object Editors, users can assign Labels to Test Cases for workflow.
1070 Steps which test Query text in a Test Case such as “Then I should see Query Text….” are checked against referenced Checks (via the @EditCheck:CHECK_NAME) and a warning is given if no referenced Edit Check has an OpenQuery action with that text.
1071 Similar to Edit Checks, Derivations may be referenced with @Derivation:DERIVATION_NAME in the Test Case editor.
1072 Similar to Edit Checks, Custom Functions may be referenced with @CustomFunction:CUSTOM_FUNCTION_NAME in the Test Case editor.
1073 Similar to Edit Checks, Forms may be referenced with @Form:FORM_NAME in the Test Case editor.
1074 Reference tags (@EditCheck, @CustomFunction etc) are not case sensitive.
1075 Object references are shown in the Test Case list as links to those objects. If a reference tag points to an object that does not exist (@EditCheck:NO_CHECK_OF_THIS_NAME) then the reference is shown in red text and the text is not a link.
1080 When a Test Case is related (via @) with an object that does not yet exist, creating that object will activate the link in the Test Case list and remove the red text.
1076 In the margin of the Test Case editor, an icon for a referenced object will appear. Clicking the icon in the margin navigates to that object (hint: Ctrl-Click to open in a new tab)
1077 Similar to Edit Checks, Derivations, Forms etc - Tickets may also be referenced in Test Cases via the @Ticket:TICKET_NUMBER or @Specification:TICKET_NUMBER tag.
1081 New Test Cases are created with a boilerplate example outline of a test to help users get started.
1082 When an Edit Check has related Test Cases, this is shown in the side-bar of the Edit Check editor as a robot icon with a count of Test Cases.
1083 From the side-bar of the Edit Check editor a new Test Case can be generated for the Edit Check.
1084 In the Test Case listing, clicking the Run button creates a Test Set.
1085 The Test set created by clicking the Run button in the Test Case listing contains all the visible (filtered) Test Cases. Custom Test sets can be created by filtering the Test Case list.
1086 A snapshot of the Test Case (i.e. it’s current content) is copied into the Test Set. The original Test Case can then be changed but the version in the Test Set is fixed, will not change and cannot be edited.
1087 If a Test Case is included in a Test Set and that Test Case is subsequently changed, a marker appears on the copy of the Test Case in the Test Set to show that it is no longer the same as its source Test Case.
1088 If a Test Case is included in a Test Set and the original Test Case is subsequently deleted, the copy of the Test Case remains in the Test Set and a market appears on that copy to show that its source has been deleted.
1089 Invalid Test Cases (such as ones that reference Datapoints that do not exist) cannot be added to a Test Set run and will be ignored.
1090 Users may delete Test Set Runs. All associated results and screenshot evidence will also be deleted.
1091 When running a Test Set, all the roles referenced in the Test Cases are found and the user must provide username/password credentials for them in order to run the Test Set.
1092 When running a Test Set the system will identify if a Test Case requires Subject Admin permission and ask for credentials for a user with that Role. Subject Admin permission is required where a step like “Given FormA in FolderB exists” is used.
2019-03-05 1116 Performance of draft import was slow on the production site. This has been improved.
1118 Matrix fingerprints were being calculated incorrectly on draft import. This has been corrected. There is no user impact since we do not apply standard compliance to matrices.
2019-03-05 134 Upgrade to the latest hosting environment. No user impact.
1104 Upgrade to the latest Python version. No user impact.
1105 Added pre-deployment database version check. No user impact.
2019-01-12 1059 Diagnostic 099 would fail with an error message for Folders Actions with no Folder OID set but Folder repeat number set. This was fixed.
1058 If a Custom Function was edited and exported from TrialGrid it would end up with double line spacing (i.e. every newline was turned into 2 newlines). This was fixed.
2018-12-19 1035 It is possible to enter really long values into Rave unit dictionary constant values that get exported into an ALS. e.g. 1.23456789012347E+27. System was updated treat Unit Dictionary constant values as floating point values rather than as fixed precision numbers. This removes the limitations of issue #980 which set precision to 14 digits and a maximum number of digits before the decimal place. Note that Rave (and now TrialGrid) will round some fractional numbers.
1039 On the URL Roles page a count of users assigned to each role is provided. This actually showed the counts of user/project combinations assigned to that role so if a user had that role in 10 projects the count would show 10, not 1 user. This was changed to show the unique count of users in the URL with that role and hovering over the count now shows a pop-up listing of the unique users. This is useful for checking that nobody has a role you didn’t expect them to have.
219 The Draft lists page for a Project now has an option to import a Draft direct from Rave. This requires the user to enter their Rave username and password in order to see a list of Projects in Rave and a list of Drafts which can be imported. These credentials are not stored in the TrialGrid database. See help on this feature for more information.
2018-12-19 1054 When importing Drafts the object fingerprint calculations have been optimized so that imports should complete faster.
2018-12-05 941 Upgraded infrastructure to latest version of web-messaging system.
2018-12-03 1025 Infrastructure changes have been made to enable the creation of a prerelease environment, At least 2 weeks before a new release to the production environment,, the new version will be deployed to and the production database will be copied to prerelease.
1027 Users reported slow performance when saving Forms on the beta site. This has been improved.
2018-11-28 1019 Rave will allow users to create Derivations with Logical Errors for Example “1 +” These are valid as far as Rave is concerned (although they won’t work) but the system now warns on import of the ALS if it cannot generate a description for a Derivation because of a logical error.
1020 Diagnostic 86 finds StaticValue Check steps with $ formats and incorrect lengths. It now also reports on invalid data string formats like “$2a”, “$3.1” or “$” (no number).
1021 Diagnostic 86 was updated to check Derivation StaticValue steps as well as Check steps.
1024 Diagnostic 86 was updated with a new option to ignore $ formats which are too long for their value. e.g. TEST ($10) has a format which is 6 too long but this does not affect Rave.
1022 Diagnostic 04 was creating Activity Records with confusing descriptions e.g. “Form: 2 Field: AE DataFormat changed from AESLIFE to 1”. This was corrected.
1012 Diagnostic 99 was added. This checks for Check Steps, Derivation Steps and Check Action Steps which have a FolderRepeat set but no Folder selected or a FormRepeat set but no Form selected. This is valid in Rave but is usually a mistake.
1017 Diagnostic 74 now has the Fix-All option.
431 Rave Clinical Views can include data from a maximum of 144 Fields per Form across all published versions and including Fields which are Active in any of those versions. Diagnostic 100 identifies Forms with a Field count greater than the limit you set. The Diagnostic may also inspect all Drafts in the Project for unique Fields.
999 When using the FireFox browser, clicking “Download Draft” a second time does not download the Draft file. This was corrected.
1009 Diagnostic 101 was added. Like Diagnostic 86 it examines Step static values for Checks and Derivations. It identifies invalid Date/time and Numeric data formats as well as unknown Data Formats. For example, it can identify when DataFormat and Static value have been switched which Rave allows but is not valid.
1023 In the Folder list, related Matrices are now shown.
2018-11-21 1008 The list of Edit Checks now display the number of Check Steps after the Check Name.
2018-11-05 1004 Medidata will release Classic Rave 2018.2.0 on 16th Nov 2018. This new version was added to the list of possible versions for Projects.
1007 As of Rave 2018.2.0 Medidata has renamed the “Rave X” product to “Rave EDC”. The older Rave EDC product is now known as “Classic Rave”. Diagnostics have been changed in line with the Medidata naming (“RaveX” -> “Rave EDC”)
1002 Classic Rave 2018.2.0 introduces new yy- and yyyy- formats for Date Fields. These are now supported in the Form editor.
1003 Diagnostic 96 was added. This checks that FieldOID is equal to VariableOID for Fields. Note that not all organizations have this standard check.
1005 Little used month formats mm and mm- did not display correctly in the Form Editor. This has been corrected.
1006 Signature Fields may only have a dataformat of eSigPage, eSigFolder or eSigSubject. System was not enforcing these dataformats. This was corrected. Note that use of the Signature control is not recommended by Medidata and a warning appears in Rave 2015.1.0 or later when you publish a draft with these control types.
1001 Diagnostic 97 was added. This checks that Fields of type Signature are not used.
1000 Diagnostic 98 was added. This checks the length of SAS Labels. Rave allows up to 256 characters but some organizations have stricter limits. This diagnostic will find SAS Labels greater than a certain length. Note that in Clinical Views (and SAS On Demand) if no SAS Label is set for a Field then the Field Name is used. This Diagnostic can also check these default values.
2018-11-05 997 New Diagnostic 0095, Lab Analyte should be unique in Form will find Fields on the same Form which have the same Lab Analyte Name.
2018-10-30 993 New diagnostic settings were not being added to existing diagnostics and a post-deployment check to verify that settings were updated was not being run. This has been corrected.
2018-10-29 924 The application version number was incorrect in the help documentation on the production site. This has been corrected.
2018-10-20 975 Diagnostic 0071 : It is now possible to enter a list of EDC Roles that will be considered “Site Roles” (i.e. site data entry roles) by this diagnostic - overriding the “Site Role” switch in the URL Configuration. EDC Roles that exist in the configuration are colored Blue and Roles which are not present in the configuration are colored Orange as a warning that the system does not recognize these Roles.
976 Diagnostic 0085 was added. This checks the appropriateness of Signature Required setting for Forms where Signature Required=No (unchecked) but at least one Field Participates in Signature (at least one Field has DoesNotParticipateInSignature unchecked). Where Form Signature Required=No but there are fields which Participate In Signature then the Fields may not be able to be locked because they have not been signed.
978 Diagnostic 0087 was added. This checks the appropriateness of Signature Required setting for Forms where Signature Required=Yes (checked) but there are NO (active/visible) Fields on the Form. In this case there are no Fields which can be signed.
968 Diagnostic 0086 was added. This checks that Static Values with $ formats in Check Steps are the correct length. For example, a value of “YES” with $2 appears to Rave as “YE” so this should be a $3 format.
979 As Diagnostics are changed over time, new settings are added to them and instances of Diagnostics that have been added to Projects should reflect those changes. To ensure that this is the case a new deployment check was added that compares the count of settings for each Diagnostic to the count of settings of each Project Instance of that Diagnostic. If the results do not match then Diagnostics have not been updated properly and the deployment fails.
864 If Diagnostic results contained HTML (e.g. because a Field PreText contained HTML content) then this content would not be displayed properly in Diagnostic PDF reports or might cause the PDF generation to fail entirely. HTML content is now properly handled in Diagnostic PDF reports.
970 Diagnostic 0053 was taking into account Field Ordinals and would fail to find differences in the use of the same VariableOID when Fields had different Ordinals (e.g. VariableOID name used in two Fields but with different Formats - which is impossible in Rave but can happen if you edit the ALS and upload it). This was corrected.
980 Rave Architect provides for maximum 17 digits and 16 decimal places for Unit Dictionary Constant values. System provided for 10 digits and 5 decimal places. This was corrected to be the same as Rave.
981 Diagnostic results PDF now has a table of contents and outline bookmarks added for easier navigation.
985 Running Diagnostics now adds an event to the activity history for the Draft.
977 The Diagnostic report is now available as an .xlsx download (Microsoft Excel) as well as a PDF download. The Excel version is simplified and appears in just one sheet so that it can be easily filtered.
966 When downloading individual objects to ALS files (e.g. from Form and Edit Check editors) the downloaded file name would start with a “b” and have quotes around it e.g. b’Draft_8_AE003’.xls. This was corrected (e.g. Draft_8_AE003.xls)
923 Checkboxes can only have a DataFormat of 1 but the Form Editor would allow other values to be entered. This was corrected so that if you enter a value other than 1 for the CheckBox field then the DataFormat is changed to 1 automatically.
982 Added Diagnostic 0088: Data Entry Fields should participate in Signature. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
983 Added Diagnostic 0089: Data Entry fields should require Verification. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
984 Added Diagnostic 0090: Data Entry Fields should be Visible. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
986 Added Diagnostic 0091: Non-Data entry Fields should not Participate in Signature. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
987 Added Diagnostic 0092: Non-Data entry Fields should not Require Verification. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
988 Added Diagnostic 0093: Non-Data entry Fields should not be Required. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
989 Added Diagnostic 0094 : Non-Data entry Fields should not have Edit Check Query Actions. See Diagnostic Catalog for details.
990 Diagnostics reporting strings with <core:string in them (e.g. spellcheck) cause PDF generation to fail. These are now rendered correctly in the PDF and do not cause it to fail.
2018-10-10 971 A new Search feature is available in the top menu bar, which can be used to search across all objects in Projects and Drafts. More information is available here: Search
2018-09-17 965, 136 When a change is made via a Diagnostic, this is reflected in the audit trail with a small badge next to the audit trail entry which shows the short-id number of the Diagnostic (e.g. 0001) In the full audit listings (at user, URL, Project and Draft level) Diagnostic short names also have their own column in the table. Note this badge is only shown for Diagnostic results from runs made after this change, not historical results.
2018-09-14 945 Updated Diagnostic 0015 Dictionary Fields are of appropriate display type. The Diagnostic now allows overlap in ranges which provides greater flexibility. The Diagnostic has also been split to provide ranges for Portrait Forms separate from Landscape Forms since on Landscape grid Forms Dictionaries are often set as DropDowns in order to conserve space. See the Diagnostics page for more details on the change to this Diagnostic.
948, 547 Diagnostic 0040 Field OIDs should be Unique : category was changed from Best Practice to TrialGrid Diagnostic and its description updated to make clear that Rave does not require Field OIDs to be unique across all Forms. This Diagnostic exists for organizations which have this practice. The reporting message was clarified and the Audit Trail record also updated to show where VariableOID is also changed (VariableOID is changed to match FieldOID if VariableOID = FieldOID)
956 Audit records created by Diagnostic 0076 (Correct Recordposition for log fields) now includes the name of the Check or Derivation and when Recordposition is changed to a wildcard this is now reported as a change to “wildcard” rather than “”.
947 Add help to Diagnostic 0002, 0003 and 0030 to make clear where a Diagnostic is testing for a length (e.g. an OID length) whether the length value is inclusive or exclusive.
916 Diagnostic 0016 Bypass During Migration for Balance Check Actions would fail on fix for SendMessage actions. Note that Rave cannot import SendMessage actions from an ALS so it is not advised to edit these with TrialGrid. The fix failure was corrected and a link to the Check was also added to the report message to make it easier to review the Check.
894 Diagnostic 0016 Includes the Balance PSALUpdate check action.
958 Updated Audit Messages for greater detail for Diagnostics 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008, 0009, 0010, 0013, 0014, 0016, 0022, 0023, 0024, 0025, 0031, 0032, 0033, 0034, 0035, 0036, 0037, 0038, 0040, 0041, 0042, 0044, 0045, 0046, 0047, 0048, 0052, 0053, 0056, 0061, 0065, 0067, 0071, 0073, 0074, 0078, 0083 and 0084.
949 A new option was added to Diagnostic 0028 Valid Data Dictionary Coded values. Rave 2018.1.0 allows commas (,) and semicolons (;) but does not allow double backslash (\). The new option sets this Diagnostic to Rave 2018.1.0+ mode.
136 When a change is made via a Diagnostic, this is reflected in the audit trail with a small badge next to the audit trail entry which shows the short-id number of the Diagnostic (e.g. 0001) In the full audit listings (at user, URL, Project and Draft level) Diagnostic short names also have their own column in the table. Note this badge is only shown for Diagnostic results from runs made after this change, not historical results.
938 Print options for Diagnostics were changed to generate only a PDF version of the current Diagnostic listing. This PDF version includes all settings. Previously the print options did not include the settings.
961 Rave 2018.1.0 introduced the HH+ and hh+ time formats. These are now supported.
962 Diagnostic 0081 Check text strings for trailing whitespace : when reporting a Field property, the report now includes the OID of the Form.
282 Inactivating a Diagnostic would remove all explanations for that Diagnostic and re-activating it would reset all settings to their defaults. The design was changed to correct this.
2018-09-14 381 A description of the Derivation logic is now displayed in the Derivation editor page.
529 When editing CQL in Edit Checks, Derivations and Aliases, a Record Position of 0 will be automatically inserted for Standard Fields and a wildcard ‘*’ for Log Fields.
533, 944 When editing CQL in Edit Checks, Derivations and Aliases the autocompletion for Fields will show additional information including the Field PreText, Control Type and Data Dictionary. Folder and Form autocomplete lists will show the Name as well as the OID. Search terms will be highlighted with underscores.
693, 823

CQL has a new format for Variable only data references, the Variable OID prefixed by a colon, e.g.


Record Position can be specified after the Variable OID, e.g.


751 Data Format is displayed in the CQL autocompletion list for selecting Fields.
800 CQL comparing the length of a Field using the inequality operator ‘!=’ was incorrectly being translated into a ‘LengthIsNotEqualTo’ checkstep in the Rave quickedit. Rave has ‘LengthIsEqualTo’ but not ‘LengthIsNotEqualTo’ check functions. This CQL will now be converted into ‘LengthIsEqualTo’ and ‘Not’ checksteps so that the logic in Rave is correct.

When editing CQL in Edit Checks, Derivations and Aliases the autocompletion list for Fields can be searched for a specific Form, or across all Forms.

More information can be found here: Clinical Query Language

877 When editing CQL in Edit Checks, Derivations and Aliases an error message ‘Syntax error too many values to unpack’ was sometimes displayed when a Custom Function referenced a Datapoint. This has been corrected.

When editing CQL in Edit Checks it is now possible to use parenthesis immediately before and after the logical operators ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’ without requiring spaces before or after the parenthesis:



The CQL syntax for Custom Functions has changed and Custom Functions are now a ‘method’ after the data reference:


884 The Edit Check description did not include parenthesis correctly when the ‘NOT’ function was used. This has been corrected.
913 The ‘fingerprints’ of Check Actions and Derivations were not being calculated correctly on import of an ALS spreadsheet, leading to incorrect standards compliance comparisons. This has been corrected.

The syntax of data references in CQL has been changed. The Folder, Form and Field OIDs are now separated by the ‘.’ character:


Folder OID is optional and can be wildcarded, but Form and Field OIDs are mandatory:


Record Positions and Folder/Form repeat numbers are specified like this:


Variable only data references are prefixed with the ‘:’ character:


If not specified the reference will default to ‘StandardValue’. This can be changed by appending the data value type:

*.FORM.FIELD.CodedValue *:VARIABLE.UserValue

More information can be found here: Clinical Query Language


In previous CQL if a field OID is unique, e.g. only exists on FORM1 then it can be referenced in an edit check or derivation without the form:

FIELD1 == 1

If a Form FORM2 is copied into the draft and that Form also contains FIELD1 then FIELD1 is no longer unique and the CQL is invalid - this causes an error.

New style CQL will prevent this because Fields always have to be qualified with the Form, so the edit check would be unambiguous before and after copying:

*.FORM1.FIELD1 == 1

960 Data references should not allow a Folder OID of ‘SUBJECT’.
2018-08-20 873 When Rave Matrix OIDs are long, Architect sometimes removes spaces from the OID in an attempt to fit into the maximum 32 character Excel Worksheet name. Added a test to show that the system imports these Matrices correctly.
935 When applying an existing Variable to a Field in the Form editor the control type was always changed to text. Now control type is shown in the Variable list and the Control Type is changed to the same as the Variable chosen.
2018-08-15 922 Upgraded infrastructure.
2018-08-14 937 Changes to Project roles were not audit trailed. This has been corrected.
939 Changes to Diagnostic settings were not audit trailed. This has been corrected.
931 When hovering the mouse over a Permission in the Project Permissions definitions lists, a description of the Permission is now shown as a pop-up hint.
2018-08-06 847 FixedUnit in Field properties was not enabled for all Field Control types. It is now enabled for all Control types.
892 Diagnostic 0041 should explain what the Fix action will do. This explanation was added.
895 Users can now Define Custom Properties for Forms and Fields at the URL level. See Help on Properties for more information on this feature.
896 A count of Custom Properties appears on the URL home page.
897 The “Properties” tab for Forms and Fields shows all custom properties defined at the URL level. Values entered for these properties are exported into the ALS and can be re-imported into TrialGrid. Note that Rave ignores these custom properties.
898 Diagnostics 0083 and 0084 were added to identify Forms and Fields which do not have Custom Properties set.
899 Creation of Custom Property Definitions is controlled by a permission at the URL level.
900 Custom property names and values are shown in the listing for the Object to which they are assigned (i.e. the Form or Field listings in the Draft area)
901 Whether a Custom Property is shown in the Object Lists can be controlled by the “Show in Lists” checkbox on the Custom Property Definition at URL level.
902 To avoid confusion with Custom Properties the “Properties” column of the Field and Form lists was renamed to “Summary” since it summarizes key properties of the Form or Field such as Log Direction or whether a field is Log.
887 Typing appeared slow in Header Text attribute of Field, especially in Internet Explorer. This was corrected.
791 A “Fix All” button was added for Diagnostics which are Auto-Fix. This will auto-fix all Diagnostic results, running a task in the background so that the user is not blocked from continuing to work. Note that results with Explanations are not modified.
903 All URL Users Can View setting for Projects is now shown in the Project List.
904 Project Owner Setting in New Project / Project Edit page is now marked with * since a Project must have an owner.
905 When a Project is marked as “All URL Users Can View” any user with the ability to import objects (Forms, Edit Checks etc) in that URL can import from that Project - even if they do not have a Project role in that Project. This is useful for Standard Library Projects to allow all users in the URL to import objects from the Library without being invited to that Project.
906 Users now have all permissions within Projects that they own. If a user is a Project Owner and also has been assigned a Project Role within a Project, their owner rights take precedence. Users no longer need to be invited to projects they own.
907 There is now a separate Project-level permission for managing of Files in a Project.
908 Display/formatting of release notes help page was fixed.
909 HeaderText, Draft Field Number, Data Format, Fixed Unit, Default Value, SAS Label, SAS Format and AcceptableFileExtensions fields were all set to accept only the same limit characters as Architect.
910 When uploading an ALS with a Field text element (such as PreText) longer than the allowed size, the upload would fail. The system now gives a warning that these attributes will be truncated to their acceptable length. It truncates the attributes and the import no longer fails.
914 Whitespace was being automatically stripped from Field PreText (label), HeaderText and other text attributes. This auto-removal of whitespace was disabled. Note that Diagnostic 81 will identify Fields with trailing whitespace in these attributes.
917 System was blocking some html tags from being entered for field PreText. Rave allows a lot more html tags than are listed in the “allowed html tags” reference for Rave. The system no longer blocks tags being entered but it does ignore some tags for display and show a warning of which html tags are not being displayed.
918 Clicking on ‘URL Team’ link when managing the URL team would show an error message. This has been fixed.
920 Users ticket list now includes the related Project in the listing and all ticket lists show related Objects.
921 When comparing two Drafts Test Steps related to Edit Checks / Derivations would appear in the compare list. These belong only in comparison of Edit Checks and were removed from Draft compare.
912 Copying Data Dictionaries by copying and pasting from an existing Dictionary and including the Specify column to create the new dictionary would cause an error on save. This was fixed.
2018-07-31 929 When using Internet Explorer in a Draft connected to a Standard Library the list of Forms would sometimes not be displayed. This was corrected.
2018-06-29 890 It was not possible to delete a Draft from a standard library even if it was not in use and the user had the correct permissions. This was corrected.
2018-06-28 149 Autocomplete has been added to the Add Project Team page (previously called Invite Project Team). Typing ‘@’ will display a list of users with access to that URL, typing more characters will filter the list.
271 A new permission has been added to control which users can create, edit and delete Custom Function Templates.
319 A new permission has been added to control which users can change the Core Configuration of a URL.
574 Draft Names must now be unique within Projects.
575 Project Names must now be unique within URLs.
848 A new permission has been added to control which users can create, edit and delete Labels.
849 A new permission has been added to control which users can manage Roles and Teams.
850 When leaving the Project Roles page after making an unsaved change there will be a warning.
874 When using Internet Explorer the cursor position would jump to the beginning of the field when editing the logic of an Edit Check. This has been corrected.
881 A new Project Role permission has been added to control which users can edit Project Wiki Pages.
882 Projects have a new property ‘All URL users can view’. When set to true (checked) all users who have access to that URL can view that Project. When not set, only users who have been added to that Project with a Project Role can access that Project.
883 Projects now have an ‘Owner’, a User who can add new Team Members and manage their Project Role assignments.
2018-06-27 876 Custom Function names were limited to 18 characters. Rave allows Custom Function names up to 50 characters and the system was changed to accept 50 characters. Custom Function Templates remain limited to 18 character names in order to add a 32 character unique identifier.
2018-06-25 872 Matrices where Rave had removed spaces from Matrix name in the ALS tab name could not be loaded. This has been corrected.
2018-06-25 865 ALS files with duplicate Check Actions failed to load. This was corrected. The system now shows a warning and ignores (does not import) the duplicate Check Action.
866 Diagnostic 81: Strings Ending in Whitespace now includes Constant value Check Steps.
867 Diagnostic 50 would fail if a Float or Integer DataFormat included the + modifier to ensure exact number of digits. Diagnostic would also not recognize negative numbers as valid for numeric formats. These issues were corrected.
868 Matrices which would have spreadsheet tab names of greater than 31 characters could not be loaded. This has been corrected.
869 Names of Folders/Forms now also appear along with OIDs in the Matrix editor when you hover over a Folder/Form intersection.
871 During ALS Import warnings reported the row number without taking into account the header row, so rows reported were one less than in the spreadsheet. This was corrected.
872 PDF of Diagnostic results did not handle newlines correctly which affected readability of results. This was corrected.
2018-06-15 422 Upgraded TrialGrid infrastructure. No changes were made to product features.
856 Added Diagnostic 0080 : Medical-Coded fields may not have Data Dictionaries associated with them.
840 Updated description for Diagnostic 0055 to note that it Deletes unused objects from the Draft.
837 Added Diagnostic 00081 : Look for Whitespace at the end of Text values (e.g. Carriage Return at end of Query Text)
858 Added Diagnostic 0082 : Medical-Coded fields must have a Text Format. Note that Diagnostic 0057 does this for Coder-related fields.
2018-06-08 768 The performance of copying Data and Unit Dictionaries and Forms has been improved.
854 Copying a Form into a Draft which already has a Form with the same OID could create duplicate Fields, ie. Fields with the same FieldOID. This has been corrected.
855 The list of Forms and Fields to copy from now includes inactive Forms and inactive Fields and Forms with no Fields. Previously only active Forms and Fields were shown in the list.
857 The performance of loading ALS files has been improved.
2018-06-08 853 When an object is labelled and then the object is deleted, the label was not deleted which caused the object list to fail to display. This was corrected.
2018-05-29 826 Rave does not have a specific “Label” control type but TrialGrid expects that Fields with no Variable OID have a control type of Text. On import of an ALS TrialGrid now converts Fields with no VariableOID set to Text control type with a warning.
809 When saving a Form for the first time after it has been imported from an ALS, all Fields on the Form would show that they have been changed - even if they were not. This has been corrected.
827 Visual Verify In Second Pass setting from Field Editor was not being saved. This has been corrected.
832 Field Delete and Clone buttons in the Form Editor are now hidden behind an access menu (3 vertical dots) to make the Form editor less “busy”.
833 Save button in Object Editors is now always at the top of the page. The Object Editor scrolls and the header stays in place at the top of the page.
834 Aliases now have the same Object Editor options as all other editors (summary, labels etc)
836 Form activities summary now also shows activities for related Fields.
842 The Matrix Editor now provides options to create “All Forms” and “Merged” Matrices. See help on the Matrix Editor page for further details.
2018-05-25 404 If an Alias is in use by Edit Checks or Derivations it cannot now be deleted.
818 The Clinical Query Language parser was rejecting Folder, Form or Field OIDs starting with a numeral as being invalid. This has been corrected. Note that OIDs which are only numbers will not be accepted.
821 When comparing two Edit Checks the text description is now displayed.
828 Edit Checks can now be copied into a Draft even if the Draft does not contain all of the objects (Folders, Forms, Fields) referenced by the Edit Check. The Edit Check will be marked as Invalid. When the missing objects are created or copied into the Draft the Edit Check will be automatically updated.
829 When an Edit Check which refers to Aliases is copied into a Draft then the Aliases will be copied into the Draft, unless they already exist.
830 Aliases are now prefixed by the ‘@’ symbol in Edit Checks and Derivations. Autocomplete for Aliases is available by typing ‘@’.
843 Derivations containing Logical Record Position data references could not be saved. This has been corrected.
845 When copying a Folder into a Draft with no existing Folders the Ordinal was set to 0. This has been corrected and it is now set to 1.
2018-05-18 789 It is now possible to upload a Rave Core Configuration file for a URL.
820 It is now possible to copy Rave Core Configuration from other URLs that a user has access to.
2018-05-17 819 Comparing 2 Folders would fail if one or both Folders had a ParentFolder. This has been corrected.
2018-05-15 814 When importing an ALS if there are duplicate CodedData values in Data Dictionaries or duplicate CodedUnit values in Unit Dictionaries then the duplicate will not be imported and a warning will be displayed. Note that CodedData and CodedUnit values are case-sensitive in Rave, ie. ‘M’ and ‘m’ are different and can both be included in a Dictionary.
817 After creating a new Draft, the first Folder to be created had an Ordinal of 0. This has been corrected and Folder Ordinals now start at 1.
2018-05-14 815 Diagnostic 0079 was added to identify Edit Checks with SendMessage Check Actions. These cannot be loaded into Rave via ALS correctly because of Rave issue DEV-3145 so should be checked when imported into Rave.
816 Options for Form Confirmation style should include “No Save Confirm” (equivalent of empty in ALS) on import of ALS all No Save Confirm entries were being converted to “NoLink” which causes Rave to set to “Save Confirm” on import. Import has been corrected and new option added to Form Editor.
2018-05-11 798 Some of the Checkbox options in the Edit Check editor for Action Options (e.g. the AddMatrix Use Max Add checkbox) did not update correctly. Check Action checkboxes now are correctly shown checked or unchecked.
813 When editing a URL Configuration clicking on the “Configuration” breadcrumb would cause a Page-Not-Found error. This was corrected.
806 ControlType was added to the Field list page to make it easier to find, for example, FileUpload fields which are not supported in RaveX.
2018-05-11 812 Any user-created folders with an OID of ‘SUBJECT’ have been removed from the Folder list and are now at the Draft level.
2018-05-09 135 When Diagnostics have a Fix option there is now a description of what the Fix will do.
783 New Diagnostic 00078 checks for use of ‘DataStatus’ in Edit Checks and Derivations, fixing it to ‘DataPoint’.
792 Diagnostic 00027 (Standard Fields in Edit Checks and Derivations which do not have RecordPosition 0) did not include the Derivation target. This has been corrected.
803 Sometimes when activating diagnostics the list would move position and scroll. This has been fixed. The Diagnostic Category is now displayed as a column in the table and not as a row group.
805 New Diagnostic 00077 checks for use of File Upload control, which is not compatible with RaveX.
807 Diagnostic 00063 was incorrectly reporting results if 2 or more Edit Checks referenced the same DSL with the same Action target. This has been corrected.
808 New Diagnostic Categories have been introduced, replacing the previous categories. See Diagnostics.
2018-05-08 788 ALS files exported from the system did not have Rave Database version information or the default Array Delimiter set. This had no effect on functionality but caused Rave to display warnings. Rave Database version (5.6) and Default Array Delimiter (,) information is now added to the ALS files exported.
793 Diagnostic 0015 would fail if values were left out of the settings. Leaving a setting (e.g. RadioButton Horizontal) to empty or 0-0 will now make the Diagnostic ignore that category.
790 Draft downloads are now named after the Project as well as the Draft Name.
2018-05-04 772 When creating a Draft the Default SUBJECT Folder was not created. This was fixed.
771 When creating a Draft the SUBJECT Folder does not appear in the Matrix Editor (related to #772 This was fixed.
773 It is no longer possible to create a Folder with the Name or OID of “Subject” (case insensitive) since this is reserved by Rave.
770 Using “rr” format for a Date/Time Field now shows a box for AM/PM. Example date/time formats with “rr” format were added to the fast-add for Date/times at the bottom of the Form editor.
799 It is no longer possible to upload a Folder with the Name or OID of “Subject” (case insensitive) since this is reserved by Rave. A warning is shown and the Folder is ignored.
787 MatrixExplorer would fail to load if a Check in the Study had a CheckAction with no ActionType set. This was fixed. It there is no ActionType for a CheckAction then a ? is shown as the Action Type in the Matrix explorer.
794 When creating a new Draft the ProjectType and SyncOIDProjectType was not set. This is now defaulted to “Project”.
802 When creating a new Draft it was possible to click “Create Draft” multiple times, resulting in multiple new Drafts. The Create Draft button is now disabled once clicked.
785 When trying to upload an ALS with the latest BalancePSALUpdate Checkaction, import would fail. This has been corrected.
786 The following CheckActions did not have ActionOptions set to 0 on export: AddComment, MarkActivityComplete, IsPresent, BalancePDALUpdate. These values are now set on import and save of CheckAction so that they appear correctly in exports.
797 On import of an ALS the system now warns about Deviation Classes and Deviation Codes that are not present or not active in the URL Configuration settings. It also warns regarding SubjectStatus values which are not in that configuration.
774 Importing Matrices during ALS upload was noticably slower than importing other object types. The performance of importing Matrices was improved.
801 Links to help page were missing from Draft Upload page and from New Folder page. Help links were added.
2018-05-03 782 GPRD (EU Data Privacy Directive) Privacy notice information is now included in the sign up pages and in help.
2018-05-01 766 The Matrix Explorer provides a way to visualize the Folders/Forms/Fields and Edit Checks associated with a Matrix.
767 When a Draft has a Default Matrix set then this is the default Matrix selected in the Matrix Explorer
769 When updating PreText of a Field fast typing would cause the browser to become slow and possibly unresponsive. Responsiveness was improved.
2018-04-27 775 An error was displayed after deleting a Project. This has been corrected.
776 A quote character in a Static Value in an Edit Check would cause the ALS Upload to fail. This has been corrected.
777 After copying an Edit Check the list of Edit Checks to copy from became empty. This has been corrected.
2018-04-19 765 After copying a Data or Unit Dictionary from a Library, the standards compliance status was incorrectly being shown as ‘Modified’. This has been corrected and the copy will now ‘Match’ the Library version.
2018-04-16 744 To improve application security a ‘Content Security Policy’ HTTP header has been added.
745 To improve application security a ‘Referrer Policy’ HTTP header has been added.
746 To improve application security an ‘Expect-CT’ HTTP header has been added.
2018-04-13 732 The performance of the Edit Checks list page has been improved.
739 When uploading an ALS if there is a Matrix worksheet referencing unknown Forms or Folders then the warning message will only be displayed once for each unknown Form or Folder.
743 Documentation has been added to online help describing the errors and warnings which might be generated when uploading an ALS.
2018-04-06 734 It is now possible to import Data Dictionaries from other Drafts.
735 It is now possible to import Unit Dictionaries from other Drafts.
2018-04-06 720 You can no longer delete a Data Dictionary or Unit Dictionary if it is “in use” by a Field.
725 Field Clone and Delete buttons in the Form editor now have help hints associated with them.
731 It is now possible to import Custom Functions from other Drafts in the same way that Forms, Folders and Edit checks can be imported.
726 When a user @mentions a role name (e.g. @admin or @superuser) then all users with that Role in the project are alerted and sent emails notifying them of the mention.
2018-03-29 721 To further improve performance of TrialGrid web pages, gzip compression has been enabled. No differences should be visible, except for faster page load times.
722 Permission to add or delete Rave URLs is now limited to system administrators.
2018-03-28 713 It is now possible to import Folders from other Drafts in the same way that Forms and Edit Checks can be imported.
715 When importing Forms simultaneously, duplicate Data Dictionaries and other objects could result. This has been fixed.
716 When creating a new (empty) Draft the dialog button now reads “Create Draft” instead of “Save Changes”
719 A Folder which is set as the Parent of another Folder can no longer be deleted until the child folder is “unlinked” from the parent.
2018-03-28 718 Rave will export Form ConfirmationStyle as either blank or ‘NoLink’, which are equivalent in Rave. To ensure that the Form ‘fingerprints’ in TrialGrid match a blank ConfirmationStyle will be converted automatically to ‘NoLink’ on import.
2018-03-27 710 Drafts may now be compared using the Compare button on the Draft home page.
714 The Maximum for Matrices is now defaulted to 0 and if left blank in the Matrix editor will save as 0. Previously users were required to enter 0 manually. This behaviour has been changed to reflect the way Architect handles Maximum values (by defaulting to 0)
2018-03-26 712 Entering an explanation for an object with an identifier (e.g. Edit Check Name) of greater than 50 characters causes an error and the explanation is not saved. This was fixed with identifiers now allowed up to 2000 characters).
2018-03-21 707 The number of database queries needed to run Diagnostics has been reviewed and optimized. Diagnostics will now run faster.
708 When Diagnostic 00020 (Spell Check) finds new words which are not in the TrialGrid dictionary it will log the word and suggested correction (if any) for review by TrialGrid administrators, who will decide whether or not to include it in the TrialGrid dictionary.
711 Data and Unit Dictionaries with more than 1000 entries could not be saved. The limit has been increased to 5000 entries. If you have a Data or Unit Dictionary with more than 5000 entries, please contact us.
2018-03-19 709 Diagnostic 0070 failed if there is a non-ascii character in a EmailAlert text field. This was fixed.
2018-03-19 702 When an ALS upload failed due to errors in the spreadsheet (for example a Field referencing a Form which does not exist in the spreadsheet draft), the errors messages were being cleared from the screen. This has been corrected and the detailed errors can now be viewed, exported and printed.
704 Autocomplete when editing Clinical Query Language was not firing when a record position was specified. This has been corrected.
706 Individual edit page for Matrix did not have standard page headings (user profile links etc) this was fixed.
2018-03-14 703 Diagnostic 0058 - Checking Edit Check Steps and Actions was checking that ALL check actions have a matching check step when there needs to be only one matching Step/Action. This was fixed.
705 Uploading an ALS with Check Actions that don’t match a Check caused an error on import. This was fixed so that a warning is provided. The import will not succeed in this instance.
2018-03-09 701 From Project breadcrumb navigation drop-down selecting Project Team would navigate you to Project Files. This was fixed.
2018-03-09 698 Custom Functions with language ‘SQL’ were being exported with the Lang column set to ‘SQL’. Rave expects ‘SQ’ or ‘C#’. ‘VB’ has been removed as an option in TrialGrid since Rave no longer supports VB custom functions.
2018-03-08 112 When editing Clinical Query Language in Edit Checks and Derivations, autocomplete now includes StandardValue, CodedValue, UserValue and Datapoint.
687 New Edit Checks and Derivations now default to Active.
2018-02-28 694 A count of open (non-deleted) comments associated with each Draft Object type (Forms, Data Dictionaries, Unit Dictionaries etc)now appears in the Form list.
685 Labels associated with each Draft Object type are now shown in their list.
695 A count of open Tickets associated with each Draft Object type are now shown in their list.
696 When on manage Diagnostics Exclusions page, clicking breadcrumbs for Manage Diagnostics resulted in a page not found error. This was fixed.
697 When a Label field was Inactive in the Form editor it could not be made active. This was fixed.
2018-02-27 684 Diagnostic 0068 did not work correctly where there were Variable-only Derivations (e.g. Derivations that only reference the VariableOID, no Field reference). This was corrected.
2018-02-26 679 Similar to the Project and Draft level breadcrumb navigation drop-downs, URL level objects now have breadcrumb drop-down navigation.
2018-02-26 676 Diagnostic 0068 (Date Fields not covered by configured Edit checks) was incorrectly identifying fields only by VariableOID. The Diagnostic now takes into account Form and Field OID where these are set in a Check Step.
677 Diagnostic 0075 was introduced to check Data Dictionary names. Some users have requirements for the naming of Data Dictionaries. This Diagnostic uses regular expressions to determine valid patterns for the naming of Data Dictionaries. Regular expressions are powerful but can be complex to write. If you have a requirement for Data Dictionary naming we will be happy to assist you with writing the regular expression.
678 Diagnostic 0027 is used to report situations where Standard Fields are not referenced with RecordPosition=0 in Edit Checks and Derivations. This is a stylistic finding which will not always affect the performance of an Edit Check or Derivation. However, 0027 also reports a more serious condition of Log fields being Referenced with RecordPosition=0 which is a more serious error. For that reason, this Log Fields with RecordPosition=0 references are now reported in a separate Diagnostic 0076.
648 Diagnostic 0062 (Data Dictionary Field Default Values appear in Data Dictionary) was duplicated by Diagnostic 0073 which had the same functionality. Diagnostic 0062 was re-programmed to check for Log Field Default Value consistency.
511 Tickets associated with an object are displayed in the object summary slide-out area.
2018-02-23 650 Users currently active role for a Project is displayed in the user information drop down on every page and acts as a link to the definition of the role at the URL level.
655 In a wiki page users can now @mention other users. Entering an @ pops up a list of users who have a role in the Project and @mentioned names are highlighted in the resulting wiki rendered text.
656 Diagnostic 0074 recognizes a Link style of “” as NoLink. Previously if an ALS was uploaded with an empty LinkStyle the diagnostic would report it as not supported by RaveX which was incorrect.
657 Breadcrumbs navigation has been improved with drop-down selection of other views within a Project or Draft. The caret (down arrow) next to a breadcrumb item can be clicked to see a list of views at the same level of the heirarchy. For example, from the Forms list you can click the Forms drop-down in the breadcrumb and select the Data Dictionaries list without having to return to the Draft Home page and then select the Data Dictionaries list.
664 Diagnostic 0032 (Dates with Query Future Date not set) now has an option to ignore Inactive Forms. Diagnostic will need to be inactivated and then re-activated to include this option.
662 Diagnostic 0069 (Forms not used in Study) now has an option to ignore Inactive Forms. Diagnostic will need to be inactivated and then re-activated to include this option.
663 The Diagnostic results page now shows the values of Diagnostic settings to make it clear what is being excluded from checks. The PDF report already showed this information.
666 Time Fields were removed from the checking performed by Diagnostic 0038 (Fields which do not require non-conformance checks). Data entry in time Fields may be non-conformant.
670 Users with the new permission Can Comment are now able to comment on Tickets. Comments are formatted in the Markdown syntax and can include references to Project wiki pages, other tickets using the #<ticket_number> and other users using the @username syntax. Users who are @mentioned in this way will receive an alert message in the application but also an email notification that they have been mentioned with a link to the location of the ticket/comment.
671 The Form editor and Diagnostic 0061 (valid HTML tags) were updated to accept the hyperlink <a> tag.
673 Users with Commenting permission are now able to comment on Draft Objects (Forms, Edit Checks, Derivations, Unit Dictionaries, Custom Functions, Folders, Data Dictionaries). Similar to comments on Tickets (see issue 670 above) users who are @mentioned receive alerts and email notifications.
674 Users may now Label Draft objects if they have Labelling permission (the same permission allows users to remove Labels)
675 The ability to apply (or remove) Labels from Tickets is now controlled by the Label permission.
2018-01-31 166 The number of findings for the latest diagnostic run for a Draft is now updated when findings are fixed or explained, so that the number of unresolved findings is displayed.
604 Diagnostic 0020, Spell checking, can generate multiple findings for the same Draft object, for example, several entries within a Data Dictionary may have findings. Prevoiusly entering an explanation for one finding for the Dictionary would explain all findings for that Dictionary. Now each explanation applies to one finding only.
605 Findings from Diagnostic 0020, Spell checking, now have links to Data and Unit Dictionaries.
607 When an explanation of a Diagnostic finding is reset, the Fix button will be re-displayed when a fix is available.
608 Findings from Diagnostic 0020, Spell checking, now display the Form OID for findings related to a Field in addition to the Field OID.
631 When copying Forms and Fields from a Standard Library or other Project, the list will display Forms containing Fields which do not exist in the target Draft, even if the Form does already exist in the target. This allows Fields to be copied from multiple Libraries or Projects into a Form in the target.
647 Diagnostic 0020, Spell checking, was incorrectly reporting findings if an html tag separated two words, for example ‘severe<b>reaction</b>’ would be reported as ‘severereaction’. This has been corrected.
651 If the quickedit in an Edit Check or Derivation was incomplete an interal error message was being displayed. An informational error message is now displayed describing which step is missing.
2018-01-30 641 A new Project Level permission (Edit Objects) was introduced which controls whether users may add, edit or delete objects in a Draft.
646 A new Project Level permission (Explain Diagnostic Result) was introduced which controls whether a user may explain a diagnostic result or reset a diagnostic explanation.
652 When a user with no Standards Compliance workflow permissions opens the Explain dialog a warning is shown that the user has no permissions to change the state of the Explanation.
653 Only users with Create Draft permission are now able to edit Draft properties.
654 Custom Function and Custom Function Template name inputs now have styling consistent with other controls on the editor page.
2018-01-23 609 When editing Quickedit in a Derivation an error message ‘Does not evaluate to True or False’ was being displayed. This should not be displayed for Derivations and has been fixed.
610 When using the Firefox browser, opening and then quickly navigating away from an Edit Check would sometimes display an empty dialog box. This has been fixed.
616 The Clinical Query Language parser was generating incorrect quickedit when a Field OID was different from the Variable OID. This has been fixed.
527 When editing Clinical Query Language in an Edit Check or Derivation, the position of the error will be highlighted if possible, for example when a Field OID does not exist in the Draft.
2018-01-11 636 In Wiki and Ticket pages, typing #<number> to reference a ticket by its number now pops up a listing of tickets starting with that number (e.g. #1 -> #1, #10, #11, #12…#100..) This makes it easier to ensure that the correct ticket is referenced.
637 Diagnostic 00074 has been added to identify Form Redirect settings which are not valid for RaveX studies (currently only “NoLink” setting is valid)
638 Form, Edit Check, Derivation, Unit Dictionary, Data Dictionary and Custom Functions now offer an option to export to a ALS from the Action menu. An ALS created in this way contains only the tabs for the CRFDraft and the object being exported. These small ALS files can be loaded into Rave Architect in a few seconds as a merge - note that a merge will add new sub-objects (e.g. Fields in a Form) and change existing objects but will not delete existing sub-objects.
639 Diagnostic results are now ordered by the reference number of the Diagnostic (e.g. 0001, 0002…) PDF reports generated before this change still appear in the previous ordering.
640 Layout of Edit Check and Form import views made it tempting to click the link to view the source object rather than to select the object to be imported. The view link was moved away from the object name and if clicked now opens the source object in a new browser tab/window.
2018-01-04 621 Markup syntax for tickets and wiki pages has been made identical. As part of this change, existing Wiki pages were converted to the new Markdown syntax. Users can now reference tickets by number in ticket text and in wiki pages (e.g. #123 is rendered as a link to ticket #123)
622 Some security policies were blocking application/ms-excel download of Drafts. As a result of this investigation the content type for downloading Drafts was changed to application/ which is the correct content type.
623 When a wiki page that does not yet exist is referenced, e.g. [[No Such Page]] then it appears in an orange color with a broken-link icon following it. A wiki page which exists is shown as a link with the standard blue color with a link icon following it.
625 Resetting the users password through the forgot password functionality did not reset the failed login attempts count (potentially locking the user out indefinitely) this was fixed.
270 When a Form is used in Edit Checks / Derivations or referenced in a Matrix it can no longer be deleted and if a user tries to delete the Form then an error is shown that it is “in use”
626 When importing a Form from a Library only the first 10 fields of each Form were shown for import. This has been fixed.
2018-01-01 617 Non-ASCII characters in Edit Check or Derivation names were causing errors when creating or saving. This has been corrected.
618 Non-ASCII characters in Edit Check or Derivation names were causing some Diagnostics to fail. This has been corrected.
619 When creating and updating Derivations there is now a check to ensure that there is not already a Derivation targeting the same Variable.
620 Some Diagnostics were generating errors in the system log when reporting results of fixing back to the user. This had no impact to users but has been corrected.
2017-12-26 613 Clinical Query Language was incorrectly allowing Variables to be wild-carded. This has been corrected, and the online help updated.
2017-12-26 612 If an Edit Check references a Form with wild-carded Variables then the Edit Check list would generate a Server Error. This has been corrected.
2017-12-21 592 On adding a new Form to a Draft that is linked to a standard library (and does not exist in the Standard), the compliance summary showed that Fields may not be added or deleted. These directions were not meaningful and are no longer shown.
570 The Form listing for Standards Compliance still used too many queries. The data access was made more efficient to reduce the number of queries.
597 Diagnostic 0011 “fix” code was taking too long to run in some instances. Code was refactored to improve performance.
598 When working with Diagnostic display list previous value of Diagnostic fix was displayed then replaced with the current default (or empty if no default). This value is now cleared after every fix and Fix button now also shows a “working” icon while diagnostic is running.
491 Changing VariableOID and Field OID of Field referenced in a Check Action caused a server error. Now VariableOID of CheckActions, Check Steps, Derivations and Derivation Steps are renamed if the Step/Action references the field and is not wildcarded to VariableOID only. i.e. if Step/ Action does not reference a Field and only references the VariableOID (to match any Field with that VariableOID) then the Step/Action is not changed.
2017-12-20 392 When copying Forms the Fields to be copied can be selected (defaults to all Fields).
599 When selecting Forms to be copied into a Draft, if a Form in the source Draft has a LinkFolder or LinkForm, and the target Draft does not contain a Folder or Form matching the Link object, then the Form cannot be copied and a message will be displayed when the Form row is expanded.
601 On the Draft Home page the date of the last Diagnostic run was displaying as ‘Unknown date’ in the Firefox browser. This has been corrected.
2017-12-15 595 The Move Down button was not working in the Forms and Folders lists when using the Firefox browser. This has been fixed.
596 When re-ordering Forms or Folders a large number of database queries were being executed. These actions have been optimized, improving performance.
2017-12-11 571 Invalid link in validation documentation to code coverage was addressed in previous change but issue returned. This was fixed.
686 If a user opened multiple tabs they could be timed out of any of them. The system looks for clicks or keystrokes (data entry) on a page to determine if the user is active so if an opened tab had no activity the user could be timed out. Now each tab checks the users last system activity to see if it should time out.
588 Diagnostic PDF Report was redesigned to make better use of space / less paper if printed.
137 Reviewed Diagnostics 1-18 for effects of deleted or changed objects since diagnostic was run. This prevents fix failures if object has been changed or deleted since diagnostic ran.
2017-12-11 446 When copying Forms, Edit Checks or Diagnostics Settings from another Project or Draft the list will be ordered by URL, if the user has access to more than one URL.
2017-12-05 584 Rave allows use of <p> tag in Rave PreText. Code was changed to allow this tag also. Note that the <p> tag is ignored by the Rave PDF generator so is best avoided.
2017-12-05 576 Diagnostic 00020 (Spell Check) has a new option to exclude Folder, Form and Field OIDs from the spell check. To activate this option on existing Project Diagnostics, please inactivate and reactivate the Diagnostic (note this will clear any existing exclusion settings).
263 Diagnostic 00054 (Unused Objects) now reports if a Custom Function might be called by another Custom Function.
2017-12-05 582 In compare view if objects being compared had unicode characters in their name then an error was shown. This was fixed.
2017-12-04 571 Link to code testing coverage documentation in validation package is incorrect on index page leading to a file not found error when viewed on validation portal. This was fixed.
572 In release v2 some packages (3rd party software libraries) were updated. The licenses were unchanged but required review. Build process is now set to fail if there are unapproved licenses in the package list to ensure that software built with 3rd party libraries which have not been license-approved cannot be deployed (to Beta or to Production).
577 Rave Dictionary Names may contain unicode characters. TrialGrid was modified to also allow this.
578 Diagnostic 0070 (Non-ASCII characters) was expanded to cover Data Dictionary Name, Unit Dictionary Name, Custom Function Name and Matrix Name.
579 Online help now contains a “Getting Started” guide to assist new users/organizations.
580 Field names in Rave may be between 1 and 2000 characters. Previously the FieldName length limit was set at 50 chars.
581 Contrary to Rave documentation, Rave allows h1, h2, h3, and h4 tags in text properties and allows HTML tags in uppercase. System code was changed to reflect that.
2017-11-30 570 The Form listing for Standards Compliance used too many queries. The data access was made more efficient to reduce the number of queries.
2017-11-29 142 If a user was invited to a study and their invitation expired then there was no way to re-invite that user except to remove them from the study team and then re-add them as a user. The system now provides a re-invite option.
2017-11-29 567 Graphs showing metrics related to the number of Activities are now available by clicking on the graph button at the right of the Activities views for the User, URL, Project or CRF Draft.
2017-11-28 568 When adding a new Label to a Form or selecting Label from the Control Type drop-down the Name and Control Type properties would become disabled which prevented the Form from being saved. This was fixed.
2017-11-27 405 Changes Form and Field Entry / View Restrictions and Review Groups to extended select controls which now list all allowed entries.
430 Previously Form/Field Restriction “tags” could be individually selected for cut/copy operations. This feature was removed. Cut and Paste operations on these Properties now affect all elements so if you “Ctrl-C” in the Form View Restrictions all selected restrictions are copied to clipboard as a comma-separated list.
541 In a library draft under the Field properties / Standards Tab a user can now select which Field properties (if any) should be ignored for standards compliance. This allows properties like Pre Text (label) and View / Entry Restrictions to be allowed to be changed.
543 Form Editor Standards tab now has an option to allow the addition of new Fields without invalidating Standards Compliance.
563 Compare View for Form objects now shows when a Field has been added or removed and whether that addition or removal is allowed by the standard.
564 In a library draft under the Form properties / Standards Tab a user can now select which Form properties (if any) should be ignored for standards compliance. This allows properties like Help text and View / Entry Restrictions to be allowed to be changed in Forms that are linked to this standard Form.
565 Form and Field properties which are allowed change due to Standards settings now have an icon next to their Labels in the Draft Form which shows which Form and Field properties are allowed to be changed by the Standard.
566 In Form Editor, a field of control type Text with format of $200 would “overspill” the control area and goes behind other controls. It is now limited to a maximum width for display.
557 Added note in help text for Check Explorer that inactivate Forms are shown in Red text.
548 Sometimes on login users would see an error message related to invalid session key. This has been fixed.
542 Profile page did not allow profile images with uppercase .PNG, .GIF and .JPEG extensions. This was fixed.
556 Added <small> tags to the list of html tags allowed by Rave in Field Pre Text (question text) and by Diagnostic 0061. Note that <small> tags render as normal sized text in Rave PDFs.
549 Added Diagnostic 0073 which will detect if the Default Value(s) of a Field linked to a Data Dictionary are valid for that Data Dictionary.
519 Projects now have an Active/Inactive property which can be filtered in the Project list.
131 If a user tries to leave the Draft Upload page during the upload of a Draft file then the system warns them that the upload will fail. Once the file has uploaded successfully, the processing of the Draft into the system proceeds in the background and it is safe to leave the page, progress of the overall import will continue to be reported in the Task List.
2017-11-23 562 When saving Edit Checks and Derivations a large number of database queries were being executed, resulting in slow performance. As part of the optimization work Standards Comparison for Edit Checks and Derivations does not now include the Check or Derivation Steps and uses the quickedit representation to calculate compliance and differences. The Clinical Query Language representation of the logic is not included in Standards Compliance.
2017-11-23 365 Rave 2017.2 introduced a new Check Action ‘Balance PSAL Update’. This has been added to the list of Check Actions in TrialGrid.
455 Diagnostic 00054 ‘Unused Objects’ was incorrectly reporting Custom Functions as being unused if they were used in a Set Dynamic Search List Check Action. This has been corrected.
512 A System Administrator page was unavailable due to a missing javascript file.
520 The Matrix editor was not allowing a value of 0 to be entered in the ‘Maximum’ field. This has been corrected.
521 When using the ‘Save as New’ option for an Edit Check, any Check Actions which had been marked for deletion would still be copied to the new Edit Check. This has been corrected.
539 The Matrix editor was allowing invalid Matrix OIDs to be entered. This has been corrected - Matrix OIDs can only contain alphanumeric and underscore characters.
540 The Matrix editor now requires a ‘Maximum’ value to be entered, with a default of 0.
544 The Activity heatmaps were not highlighting days during which more than 256 Activities occurred. This has been corrected.
551 Diagnostic 00011 ‘Fields using the same dictionary have identical format’ now suggests a Data Format based on the longest entry in the Data Dictionary.
544 Diagnostic 00069 ‘Identify Forms not included in a Matrix or in an AddForm Check Action’ was reporting the Primary Form as being not included. The Primary Form will not now be reported since it is automatically available on creation of a new Subject in Rave.
545 Diagnostic 00069 ‘Identify Forms not included in a Matrix or in an AddForm Check Action’ will search Custom Function code for references to the Form OID and include any such Custom Functions in the diagnostic finding.
558 If a user attempts to load a CRF Draft file in Excel 97 (.xls) or Excel 2010 (.xlsx) format, an error message will be displayed asking for the file to be saved in Excel 2004 xml format.
561 The Matrix editor will allow Matrix Names to be in mixed case, and does not now enforce Matrix Names to be unique within the CRF Draft (which is consistent with Rave).
2017-11-20 299 The warnings and errors generated during upload of an Architect Loader Spreadsheet can be copied to the clipboard, printed or exported to a CSV, Excel or PDF file.
387 The Edit Check list can be searched by Form, Field or Custom Function.
435 Inactive Forms and Fields can now be included in Edit Check or Derivation logic. Previously trying to save an Edit Check or Derivation which referenced an inactive object would generate an error message, but since Rave permits inactive objects to be included TrialGrid will also now allow this. Autocomplete lists for Forms and Fields will still only display active objects.
440 When uploading an Architect Loader Spreadsheet, if the Draft Name already exists in the Project then the new Draft will have a unique number appended to the name, ie. if ‘DraftA’ already exists then the new Draft will be named ‘DraftA (1)’.
480 If there are warnings (no errors) when uploading an Architect Loader Spreadsheet then a message will be displayed to inform the user that the upload has completed, but the warnings should be reviewed.
481 Recent versions of Rave have changed the case of certain column headers in Architect Loader Spreadsheets (for example, ‘Targetdays’ is now ‘TargetDays’). Previously this would generate a warning on upload into TrialGrid. TrialGrid now does a case-insensitive lookup of column names, so will load ‘Targetdays’ and ‘TargetDays’ (or any other case-variant).
482 When an Architect Loader Spreadsheet is downloaded from Rave, if there are no Derivations, Check Actions or Data Dictionary Entries, Rave will write a row on the respective worksheet which contains some default values (for example, ‘False’ in the Specify column on the Data Dictionary Entries sheet). On upload into TrialGrid these incomplete rows would previously generate warnings, but these warnings are now suppressed and the rows are ignored.
483 TrialGrid verifies that an Architect Loader Spreadsheet contains the expected columns in each worksheet, and will generate a warning on upload if expected columns are missing. Some columns are not used by TrialGrid, eg. SourceObjectId, SourceURLId, etc. If these columns are missing TrialGrid will not now display a warning.
492 Matrices with large numbers of Folders were overflowing the container panel. This visual container has been removed from the Matrices page, so that large Matrices will display correctly.
497 List Views (eg. list of Checks, Forms, Tickets, etc) can now be copied to the clipboard, printed or exported to a CSV, Excel or PDF file.
516 Deleting a Folder in the Folder list which was not displayed on the first page of the list would reset the list to the first page. List views are not paged now, so this problem will not occur.
545 All List Views (eg. list of Checks, Forms, Tickets, etc) now have consistent navigation and appearance. Items can be opened/edited by clicking on the identifier of the object (eg. the CheckName in the Checks list) or by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. Previously some List Views would allow items to be opened by clicking anywhere in the row - this option has been removed for consistency.
546 The ‘Copy’ buttons on the Form and Edit Check lists have been renamed to ‘Import’.
2017-11-06 537 Form List now has the option to list All Forms.
538 Avatar images were displaying incorrectly on Draft and URL Activities pages. This was fixed.
535 Long Usernames would overflow the picture area in the User Profile page. This was fixed.
2017-11-02 500 Users are now able to upload a profile image of themselves to be shown where usernames are shown.
501 /503 All users are set with an initial profile icon (a blank image).
502 Users can now select from a set of unique pre-generated avatars for their profile icon.
508 Diagnostic 70 (Non-ascii characters) now checks Field Number property, this was omitted before.
2017-11-01 499 When editing a Matrix the selected folder/form combination was being incorrectly saved. This has been fixed.
2017-11-01 498 Removing a view or entry restriction from a Field and then saving the Form caused an error to be displayed. This was fixed.
2017-10-31 432

Folders can be reordered by selecting a single row and dragging it to a new location or selecting multiple rows and moving them up or down in the list of Folders. When dragging a row the list automatically scrolls.

Multiple Folders can be selected:

  • on Windows using the Shift key to select multiple consecutive Folder or the Ctrl key to select multiple non-consecutive Folders
  • on a Mac using the Shift key to select multiple consecutive Folder or the Command key to select multiple non-consecutive Folders

Clicking the ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ will move the selected Folders in the list.

487 When deleting a Folder from the Folder list, the list would be reset to the first page. This has been fixed and the list will remain on the selected page.
494 A copy of an existing Folder can be created by editing the Folder, making changes and clicking the ‘Select as new’ button. This will create a new Folder.
495 The Folder list can be copied to the clipboard, printed or exported to csv, Excel or PDF files. The columns displayed in the Folder list can be selected. The number of Folders displayed per page can be set to ‘All’ to display all Folders without paging.
2017-10-27 451 In the Form Editor, Field Number now appears to the left of the Pre-Text label as per Rave.
452 Form can be saved 2x if you are quick enough, resulting in duplicate fields. Now the Save button is disabled until the Save is complete.
453 When a new field is added the focus should move to the Variable OID control of the Property Sheet.
454 / 444 I should be able to “copy down” Variable OID to Field OID and Field Name. A button was added next to the Variable OID for this purpose.
459 When typing in the Variable OID field in the Form Editor, a filtered list of existing Variable OIDs should be shown. This was implemented. Clicking one of the items in the list sets the current Variable OID / Form OID / Unit Dictionary / Data Dictionary and Coding Dictionary to the values for that Variable.
460 Labels should be permitted to have field numbers. There was a bug that prevented field numbers from being entered for labels.
461 When a field is made a Log field, the Form should automatically be set to Portrait mode if it is not already set to a log direction.
463 Viewing Restrictions tab on the Form Editor causes Form to believe that it has changed. This was fixed.
464 HTML Handling in Field PreText is not compliant with Rave. In particular Rave expects <br> tags to be closed (<br/>) and ul (unordered list) and ol (ordered list) tags are supported.
465 Diagnostic 61 (html tags) did not support ul and ol tags. This was fixed.
430 View, Role and Entry Restrictions should have multi-select capability. This feature was enhanced to allow the “tags” which display the Restrictions to be clicked in order to select/deselect them. In addition, Ctrl-A to select all tags and Ctrl-C / Ctrl-X for copy/cut and Ctrl-V for paste were also added.
443 Fixed issue #443: Allow field Label box in Form Editor to expand so all wording can be viewed. It now expands/shrinks as you type into it with a minimum set size.
445 Users can now navigate from a role definition label in the Project Team list to the definition of that role at the URL Level.
447 Human readable time-since labels should have popup hints that show actual time. Now when you hover the mouse over a label like “2 minutes ago” you will see a pop-up of the date/time the event occurred.
450 Added Labels and Tickets features.
485 Adding a user to a team, removing them and adding them again causes system to error. This was fixed.
486 In the Form Editor when you change the Data Dictionary of a Field then the DataFormat will now change to be appropriate for that Data Dictionary
490 Bug was fixed where if you add a control and then change a property of the control, its ability to drag/drop in the list of fields is lost.
2017-10-09 276 Diagnostic 00072 will detect any Edit Checks which have the same check logic and check actions. The Diagnostic can also be configured to detect Edit Checks which have the same check logic but have different actions, and/or Edit Checks which have different check logic but the same actions.
380 If an Alias was used in an Edit Check then the description was incorrectly displaying an internal representation of the Alias. This has been corrected and the description will now display the Alias name.
386 Edit Checks can be quickly copied by opening an Edit Check in the editor, entering a new name and selecting the ‘Save as new’ option.
438 The Edit Check description was not being created if the Edit Check included a Form and Field with the same OID in conjunction with a CQL method (eg. StandardValue(*, SUBJ, SUBJ).IsPresent).
442 Additional help text has been added to explain how to create Edit Check test values for different types of test steps.
2017-10-06 443 Fixed issue #443: Allow field Label box in Form Editor to expand so all wording can be viewed. It now expands/shrinks as you type into it with a minimum set size.
2017-10-05 439 Added Diagnostic 00071 which identifies Required fields which are not visible/editable by the site
441 EDC Role Diagnostic 0021 fails in usage but not in tests. Issue was found and fixed.
2017-09-29 394 Diagnostics: Import settings from multiple Projects, combining the settings. This feature was added by introducing a selection between “Overwrite” and “Merge”. See the help from the Diagnostic management page for more detail.
261 DataDictionary Specify/QueryNonConformance Diagnostic (0042) should have link for the Field. Link to Field was added.
399 Added ability to “drill into” a Form from the Edit Check Explorer. The Form Name heading was made a link to the Form editor.
304 Added Diagnostic to find Forms not in Matrices and not in an AddForm Check Action on an active Check. Diagnostic includes ability to exclude Forms (00069)
209 Added Diagnostic for non-ascii characters in text fields. These can render poorly in PDFs and are often introduced by accident via Cut & Paste from other sources. Includes capability to exclude certain characters (00070)
437 Rave 2017.2.0 will be released on Oct 20, 2017. Added Rave 2017.2.0 to possible version selections for URLs.
2017-09-29 436 Is a user has 2 failed login attempts they can no longer log in at all. This was fixed.
2017-09-25 424 If a user has not accepted a project invite (i.e. set up their account) then subsequent invites ask them to log in instead of creating the account - this was fixed so that the user receives a new request to set up their account’
416 Keep records of when users login and logout. System now keeps a record of login, logout, last activity date/times and IP address on login.
425 If there have been invalid login attempts prior to a successful login, the user should be warned on successful login.
417 Disable user account after a number of invalid password attempts. This is system configurable but currently set to 4 attempts.
426 After the user has made two unsuccessful login attempts, a warning should appear which shows how many attempts remain before the account becomes locked out and requires a password reset (using Forgot Password functionality) to unlock the account.
2017-09-22 366 If a user has Standards Approval Permission in any URL, they should see a count of Approval Requests on their home page.
367 Users with standards approval permission should be able to view listings of current requests and past requests
382 When adding a Data Dictionary from the quick-add in the form Editor the DataFormat for the field is incorrectly set. Fixed. Set to numeric or text ($) format depending on coded data content
383 When clicking on a pretext label in the form preview/editor focus should move to the property sheet for that field and the pretext field should be selected
388 View Restrictions / Entry Restrictions and Review Groups should have helpers to make it easier to enter these names
389 View Restrictions / Entry Restrictions / Review groups tags should be color coded. Blue means present in the core configuration. Orange means not present or not active in the core configuration
390 A user should be able to copy and paste tags between View / Entry restrictions and Review Groups boxes. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V recognition and a copy button were provided.
391 A user should be able to enter a comma-separated list of names for View Restrictions / Entry Restrictions / Review groups
398 Query Non-Conformant and Field Required are auto-set when creating a field. Rave defaults these to un-set for a new field. Changed to be un-set by default.
401 On saving a Form, display error if a variable already exists on another form.
405 Typing @ in the Form Entry / View restrictions or Field Entry / View Restrictions or Review Groups should show a list of possible entries from core configuration
406 Diagnostic 00042 says it excludes by Data Dictionary Name but actually excludes by Field OID. Fix was to update the diagnostic help text and to add a new parameter that excludes by Data Dictionary Name. Users may need to remove (inactivate) and re-activate this diagnostic to see this change. Note, de-activating a diagnostic will remove any settings already entered so manage this change with care.
415 In the Field property sheet it would be clearer to have “Log / Standard” label next to the Log / Standard switch. This was added. Note: This feature was added in a prior release but a test was added to the regression suite in this version to ensure the change was documented and tested.
420 At the Project Level provide listings of Standards Approval Requests, Approvals and Denials.
2017-09-20 373 Warn if a user tries to leave a Data Dictionary which has not been saved.
374 Warn if a user tries to leave a Unit Dictionary which has not been saved.
375 Warn if a user tries to leave an Alias which has not been saved.
376 Warn if a user tries to leave a Derivation which has not been saved.
377 Warn if a user tries to leave an Edit Check which has not been saved.
378 Warn if a user tries to leave a Custom Function which has not been saved.
379 Warn if a user tries to leave a Folder which has not been saved.
2017-09-18 372 When editing Data or Unit Dictionaries, the Tab key can now be used to move to the next line.
2017-09-15 371 On Internet Explorer, navigating away from every page causes a “Do you want to leave this page?” alert. This has been fixed.
2017-09-15 370 When a form is copied into a draft the data and unit dictionaries referenced by fields on that form should not be copied if they already exist in the target draft. If a form contained multiple references to the same data or unit dictionary (ie. more than one field referenced the same dictionary) and the dictionary did not already exist in the target then multiple dictionaries were created. This has been fixed.
2017-09-15 265 Validation Docs: Licenses for Javascript packages are documented, including approval status. This is enabled by use of the yarn package manager to control usage of third-party Javascript packages.
2017-09-14 351 Validation Docs: Link between Issues / Merge Requests.
352 Validation Docs: Link between Requirements tests and Issues. Where an Issue is referenced in a Requirement Test the validation docs now generate a hyperlink to a copy of the Issue and its history in the validation package for ease of traceability.
2017-09-14 362 When changing EDC Roles and Review Groups, Saves can be very slow. Performance was improved.
2017-09-14 321 Add new Data Dictionary on Add Form is not wide enough. This was fixed.
349 Form editor does not warn when a DataFormat is invalid. This was fixed.
329 Field errors in Form editor not easily visible - errors now reported at the top of the Form page along with any Form property related errors.
313 Field properties can’t be edited without scrolling to end of form. Previously the property sheet automatically positioned at the top of the view area, now it is fixed in place and scrolls with the list of fields.
363 Warn if a user tries to leave a Form which has not been saved.
364 Data Dictionary Fields in Form editor overflow the Field Preview Area. This was fixed by limiting the width to 260 pixels maximum.
2017-09-12 353 Diagnostic result endpoint used to request fixing diagnostic findings can return a 500 Server Error Response for Diagnostic 61. The diagnostic was fixed. NOTE: Diagnostic results created prior to this fix may still exhibit this error when you try to “fix” because the code to fix the issue is stored in the database and is now out-of-date. Re-run diagnostic and fix will work.
361 HTML Content Diagnostic (61) should provide a link to the folder when correcting Folder Name. Folder link was added.
2017-09-12 360 Changing EDC Roles causes timeouts. Added waits so that the system cannot have multiple queued requests to change EDC roles at any one time. e.g. If you change one Role you have to wait for that to save before you can change another.
2017-09-11 354 Password reset view is case sensitive on email address (fixed).
355 Allow users to log in with (username OR email address) AND password. Note that username or email address are not case sensitive.
327 Password requirements should appear on screen and in help.
356 Documented password requirements (Added as Issue for validation documentation tracking reasons)
359 Prevent users from changing their email address to duplicate another user email
2017-09-08 357 Notification emails include local links to objects instead of absolute links including host. Fixed so that full URL is provided and can be clicked on from email.
2017-08-30 344 Data Dictionaries can now have multiple ‘Specify’ entries, as in Rave.
345 Data and Unit Dictionary Coded Data/Units are not case-sensitive, ie. ‘mU’ is not the same as ‘MU’, as in Rave.
346 The ‘Feedback’ button is now labelled ‘Support’.
348 In the Data Dictionary editor the User String is now displayed before the Coded Data, as in Rave.
2017-08-29 340 Requirements test coverage for Core Configuration settings was expanded.
341 Marking and Review Groups in URL Configuration should always have unique names.
2017-08-29 343 The Standard Library associated with a Form can now be changed to any Standard Library to which the user has access. This will override the Standard Library associated with the Draft.
2017-08-25 324 Update error reporting to provide more meaningful error message pages to users.
2017-08-24 339 When copying an Edit Check any Custom Functions referenced in Check Actions were not being copied. This has been fixed.
2017-08-23 242 Users will receive alerts when Standards Compliance actions are taken, for example a user with Manage Approvals permissions will receive an alert when a request for approval is made. Users with Request Approval permission will receive an alert when a request is approved or denied. The number of new alerts will be displayed in the top menu bar. Users may also receive emails when Standards Compliance actions are taken. Users can choose whether or not to receive email notifications in their user profile.
326 The time displayed against alerts in the alert notification would change to ‘a few seconds ago’ after 30 seconds. This has been fixed.
328 The Form editor now validates that Form and Field Help text can be a maximum of 4000 characters.
330 Diagnostic 00020 (Spell check) would fail to fix the reported spelling mistake if the correction contained unicode characters. This has been fixed.
331 Performance of copying Forms has been improved.
333 Activity records were not being created after updating an Edit Check. This has been fixed.
335 Data Dictionaries with long User Data Strings were expanding to overlap the Standards Compliance panel. This had been fixed and the Data Dictionary Entries table will resize when the browser window is resized.
336 Saving a Data Dictionary would fail if a Coded Data or User Data String value was longer than 2000 characters. This has been fixed.
337 When viewing a Data Dictionary which is linked to a Data Dictionary in a Standards Library, the ‘Standard Required’ column will display ‘Not in Standard’ if the Coded Data or User Data String do not match the Library version.
2017-08-22 324 Initial work to provide more meaningful error message pages to users.
2017-08-18 325 Forms can be copied from a Standard Library or another Project Draft. All Fields in the Form will be copied and any Data Dictionaries or Unit Dictionaries references by Fields in the Form which do not already exist in the target Draft will be copied.
2017-08-17 323 An Architect Loader spreadsheet containing EDC Roles with unicode characters failed on import. This has been fixed, for EDC Roles, Marking Groups and Review Groups. Diagnostics 00018, 00019 and 00021 have also been fixed to accept unicode characters in Review Groups, Marking Groups and EDC Roles.
2017-08-14 148 When creating a new Edit Check the Edit Check must be saved before Unit Tests can be created.
153 When copying Edit Checks from a Standard Library or another Project Draft, Unit Tests will be copied with the Edit Check
191 Edit Checks can be copied from a Standard Library or another Project Draft. Copying an Edit Check will copy any Custom Functions referenced by the Edit Check which do not already exist in the CRF Draft.
227 If an Edit Check has been copied from a Standard Library which is not the main Standard Library for the CRF Draft, then the Edit Check will be compared against its source Standard Library. If and Edit Check has been copied from another CRF Draft then the Edit Check will be compared against the main Standard Library associated with its CRF Draft for Standards Compliance.
277 The ‘Copy to clipboard’ feature in the Edit Check Editor now copies the entire Edit Check, including Check Actions to the clipboard in Rave quickedit format.
306 The ‘fingerprint’ of Check Steps (used during Standards Compliance) were not being updated correctly when an Edit Check was saved. This has been fixed.
307 The ‘Explain’ button in the Form editor was not working. This has been fixed.
308 The ‘Explain’ button in the Custom Functions list was not working. This has been fixed.
311 Standards Compliance filters were not working in the Custom Functions list. This has been fixed.
312 Edit Check Autocomplete now includes autocomplete for Checkbox fields and will display a list of the two possible values for checkbox fields (‘0’ and ‘1’) when a Checkbox field is being compared against a static value.
313 Some Check Actions (SetDataPointVisible for example) with checkbox options were always displaying with a checked value. This has been fixed.
2017-08-03 314 Custom function templates should be at the URL level.
2017-07-27 303 There should be a permission to control whether a user can create a new Draft in a Project
2017-07-24 301 Expand Draft Editor for Primary Matrix, Primary Form and other elements.
295 Reorder forms in the form list view.
302 When deleting a Form or Folder, reorder the remaining ordinals so they’re consecutive.
298 There should be a folder editor to edit and create new Folders.
2017-07-21 292 When trying to upload a file not in Excel 2004 xml format an internal error message was displayed. Now a message ‘CRFDraft sheet could not be found’ will be displayed.

When uploading an Architect Loader Spreadsheet containing warning and error messages, the warnings were briefly displayed and then hidden when an error occurred. Warnings and errors in the ALS content are now displayed and can be viewed in the Draft upload view.

Invalid cross-references (for example a Field referencing a Form OID which does not exist in the Forms tab) will now cause the import to fail with errors.

2017-07-20 232 Field with format HH nn has no control displayed in Form editor. This issue was fixed.
287 When changing between fields in the Form editor the Property sheet should remain on the currently selected property type. This has been implemented. Reduces the amount of clicking required to edit fields.
289 Form Active/Inactive is not updated to database as expected. This was fixed.
198 There is no ability to add a new Form. This capability has been added.
288 Delete button in Form list does not work. This has been fixed.
197 Allow Fields to be Required / Not Required for standards compliance (work for Data Dictionaries already done)
249 View list of users per Project at the URL level without having to look into every Project to find users.
192 Rave does not permit duplicate Form names or names which contain characters other than _, 0-9 and A-z. Form editor was changed so as not to permit duplicates.
297 When opening a date field no query for future date appears even if it is reported into the ALS. This issue was fixed.
2017-07-18 294 Release notes table malformed in release on 18 July 2017. This was fixed.
2017-07-18 283 It would be useful if the Draft List for a Project had a “last activity” date so you could more easily find the drafts people have been working on
285 Allow user to create a new Draft.
281 When a new setting is added to a diagnostic, the Project instance of that Diagnostic is not updated with the new setting. Code was added to achieve this and a database migration was also added to update any existing Diagnostics with new settings (e.g. new Field/Form exclusion settings from last release)
2017-07-18 230

A new setting has been added to the following Diagnostics to allow objects (Fields, Data Dictionaries, Edit Checks, etc) to be excluded if the object identifier is excluded or matches an exclusion pattern:

00022 FormOIDs should not start with numbers

00023 Date Fields should have a consistent naming suffix or prefix

00024 Time Fields should have a consistent naming suffix

00025 Date/Time Fields should have a consistent naming suffix

00026 Active Checks should not reference inactive Forms or Fields

00027 Valid Record Positions for Standard and Log Fields in Edit Checks and Derivations

00028 Data Dictionary CodedData should not contain commas or semicolons.

00030 Custom Function length

00031 Edit Check SYS_ prefix

00032 QueryFutureDate should be set for Date and DateTime Fields

00033 Numeric fields should have query non-conformance set

00034 Fields which require translation should not also be marked as required

00035 Data entry Fields should have a SAS Label

00036 Fields with default values should not have SDV set

000037 Fields with default values should not be set as Required

00038 Checkbox, Data Dictionary and Time Fields should not be set to Query for Non-Conformance

00039 All question Fields should have a pre-text label

00040 Field OIDs should be unique

00041 Data Dictionaries should not have a coded value of 0 (Zero)

00042 Consider setting QueryNonConformance for Fields related to Data Dictionaries with a Specify

00043 Data Dictionaries should be unique

00044 List of keywords to be substituted in Data Dictionary

00045 List of words to be substituted in Draft Field Default Value

00046 Place Sticky Check Action should not contain HTML tags

00047 Data Dictionaries should not have duplicate Coded Values or User Values

00048 Derived Fields should have a standard prefix

00049 Data format must be valid for Field control type

00050 Data format must be valid for associated Data Dictionary

00051 Fields should have a SAS Format specified

00052 SAS Format should match Rave Field Data Format

00053 Variables should have consistent properties

00054 Unused objects (Data Dictionaries, Unit Dictionaries, Custom Functions)

00055 Empty objects (Forms, Data Dictionaries, Unit Dictionaries, Custom Functions, Matrices)

00056 Fields associated with Coder Dictionaries should have an OID of less than 20 characters

00057 Fields associated with Coder Dictionaries should have string formats

00058 Check Actions should have a matching Check Step

00059 Custom Functions used in RaveX should not use blacklisted methods

00060 IsPresent Check Action

00061 Valid HTML tags

00062 Default Values should be in associated Data Dictionary

00064 Edit Check Coded Value steps should be compared against valid Data Dictionary Entries

00065 Fields which are not Date or Time Fields should not have date related properties set

00066 Checkbox Fields should not have an IsEmpty or IsNotEmpty step in Edit Checks

00067 Forms should have unique names

2017-07-12 197 Add ‘required’ entry to library properties for dictionaries and fields. In this release the work was done for Data Dictionaries with Unit Dictionaries and Fields to follow in a later release.
2017-07-11 286 When inviting a user to a team, an invalid email address would cause an error message. This was fixed.
2017-07-10 278 A diagnostic that checks that date fields are compared against at least one other date field is required. Diagnostic 0068 was added with this function.
279 Diagnostics should have a visible unique identifier to make referring to them easier. A unique identifier was added to the display of diagnostics in the Diagnostic results and Diagnostic Management pages. The identifier was included in the PDF output of Diagnostic results.
280 Diagnostics management form does not filter by properties after a reload of the page. This bug was fixed.
281 When a new setting is added to a diagnostic, the Project instance of that Diagnostic is not updated with the new setting. Code was added to achieve this and a database migration was also added to update any existing Diagnostics with new settings (e.g. new Field/Form exclusion settings from last release)
2017-07-06 230

A new setting has been added to the following Diagnostics to allow objects (Fields, Data Dictionaries, Edit Checks, etc) to be excluded if the object identifier is excluded or matches an exclusion pattern:

00001 Text/LongText Field Length

00002 SAS v5/v6 Compliance: Text Fields Length Limit

00003 SAS v5/v6 Compliance: Field OID Length Limit

00004 CheckBoxes all have format of 1

00005 FormOIDs reserved by Windows / DOS

00006 Field OIDs Reserved for Lab View Columns

00008 Field OIDs Reserved for Clinical View Header Columns

00009 Field OIDs Reserved By SQL

00011 Fields using the same dictionary have identical format

00012 Fields using the same Unit Dictionary have identical format

00013 Labels should have a consistent naming prefix or suffix

00014 Labels do not have data entry Field settings

00015 Dictionary Fields are of appropriate display type

00016 Bypass during migration should be set for Balance Check actions and others

00017 Identify incomplete or invalid Edit Checks

00020 Check text strings for possible spelling mistakes

Exclusion settings will be added to other Diagnostics in subsequent releases.

2017-07-04 274

After clicking on the release number in the header there’s a grey box where the release number was displayed. Fix for this is to remove focus from the link after it is clicked.

Note: Diagnostics currently active in Projects will need to be inactivated and re-activated for the new Exclusion settings to be visible. - This requirement to deactivate and re-activate was removed by the fix to issue #281.

2017-07-03 247 When creating a new EDC Role with Site Role Active an error message appeared “Request to save EDC Role failed!” Issue was fixed so that user cannot switch Site Role / Active switches until the Role Name has been saved (which it does as soon as you exit the field)
2017-06-30 266 Matrices have been added to the Empty Objects Diagnostic and will be raised as findings if there are no Folders/Forms in a Matrix
2017-06-28 255 Forms in the SUBJECT folder were not being displayed in the Matrix editor grid.
2017-06-28 225 Custom Function Template names can now be up to 44 characters in length. 6 characters are reserved for a suffix to be appended when generating a unique Custom Function name from a Template. The suffix will be a colon and a random 5 digit integer value, eg ‘TEMPLATE_NAME:12345’. The random suffix is added to ensure uniqueness for each set of parameters with which the template is invoked.
256 Rave gxml such as ‘<core:link folderoid=”AE” formoid=”SAE” text=”SAE form”></core:link>’ was incorrectly flagged as invalid by the Place Sticky HTML Diagnostic, and caused Diagnostic pdf generation to fail. The Invalid HTML strings Diagnostic will correctly flag gxml as being not allowed, and will now autofix invalid strings. It will also flag forbidden HTML tags and attributes such as ‘<body>’ and ‘onclick’.
259 The Invalid HTML strings Diagnostic now checks Folder Names in addition to Field strings.
2017-06-27 240 Derived Fields are excluded from the Diagnostic which checks if QueryNonConformance has been set on numeric Fields
241 Derived Fields are excluded from the Diagnostic which checks if QueryFutureDate has been set on date Fields.
2017-06-25 257 If a Custom Function Template was changed from a Method to a Function type then it was not appearing in the autocomplete list in the Edit Check Editor.
258 Added latest Rave releases (up to 2017.1.0) to the selection list available when creating a URL in TrialGrid.
2017-06-24 238 The CQL help page has some formatting issues and needs a link / reference to the Custom Function Templates Page. The formatting was adjusted and a link added.
237 User requested that release notes be provided to track changes made in new releases of the product. We have added a link from the top of every page that shows the version number and this links to the latest release page in help which then links to the full release history.
236 This issue is related to the Infix Editor and “Intellisense”. If a FieldOID was not unique in the study (i.e. existed on more than one Form) then the system would not provide the list of possible coded values for that field. The fix was to detect if the duplicate fields share the same dictionary, if they do then the coded values are shown. If not, the system shows a warning that the Field is not unique. In this case, specifying the Form as well as the Field will allow the system to determine which Field is being referenced and therefore which set of Coded Values to display.
2017-06-19 234 Exclude CopySource, Needs Restesting and Retesting Reason from fingerprints. “Fingerprints” are a way of taking the properties of an object (Form, Folder etc) and creating a unique identifier (a “hash”) from it. When you want to compare two objects and see if they are the same you can compare the fingerprints instead of looking at every property. This change removed CopySource, NeedsRetesting and RetestingReason properties from Objects so that a change in those values is not reflected in the fingerprints since it is not important for “changes” as far as a user is concerned.
233 Derivation ‘Applies To’ is missing after import. ‘Applies To’ is the datapoint to which the derivation result will be written. This was added to the Derivation on import.