Security and Permissions

TrialGrid manages permissions by URL and by Project.

URL Level Permissions

At the URL level each user may be assigned permissions to manage URL level objects:

Name Description
Teams Manage URL Permissions and URL Roles. Users with this permission can also manage Project Team Members. At least one User must have this permission in each URL.
Configuration Manage Core Configuration settings for the URL.
Labels Manage the Labels available for use in this URL.
Templates Manage the Custom Function Templates available for use in this URL.
Projects Users with this permission can add new Projects.
Libraries Users with this permission can add new Libraries.

New users will not have any of the above permissions enabled by default.

Users without the above permissions enabled will be able to view URL level objects but not change them.

Project Level Permissions


Name Description
Files Create and delete Files and Folders. Upload Files.
Wiki Edit Wiki Pages
Label Label Tickets and Objects within Drafts in the Project
Comment Comment on Tickets and Objects within Drafts in the Project
Manage Project Edit Project


Name Description
Explain Diagnostic Result Ability to explain Diagnostic Findings
Manage Diagnostics Add or remove Diagnostics from a Project and adjust settings on a per-project basis

Standards Management

Name Description
Request Approval Ability to request approval for deviations from standards
Manage Approval Approve or Reject explanations for deviations from standards


Name Description
Manage Tests Create and delete Test Sets and Test Cases for Automated UAT
Edit Objects Ability to Add/Edit/Delete Draft Objects
Create Draft Ability to Create a new Draft or Edit properties of an existing one


Name Description
Create Ticket Ability to create a new Ticket