An Organization represents a company (e.g. Sponsor, CRO, Academic center) in the TrialGrid.

An Organization may have many URLs and users may be granted permission by TrialGrid Ltd staff to create new URLs for an Organization. Any URL created by a user with this permission will be assigned to that users' Organization.

The users of an Organization are identified by certain email addresses e.g. all users with emails ending are employees of the Example Organization. When a user is invited (see Assigning Team Members to Roles) to the TrialGrid system, TrialGrid looks at the email address provided for the new user. If the email address is in a domain which is controlled by an Organization that already exists in the system the user will be assigned to that Organization.

For example, if an Organization called "Big Sponsor" exists and has the domains "" and "" registered in the TrialGrid system then any user with an email address in those domains will be part of the "Big Sponsor" Organization no matter who they are invited by. This means that if I invite "" to a project in a URL controlled by the "Small Sponsor" Organization that new user will be associated with the "Big Sponsor" Organization and not the "Small Sponsor" Organization.

The Organization home page shows Activities.

The Organization home page may also show a link to the team list for the organization if the user is a superuser for that Organization.

The Organization home page may also show a link to Reports if the user has 'View Reports' permission for that Organization.