Getting Started

Want to dive in and start using TrialGrid straight away? This guide will get you started.

To follow along with this guide it is helpful to have the following:

  • A Global Library Draft downloaded from Rave Architect as an Architect Loader Spreadsheet (ALS)

  • A Study Draft downloaded from Rave Architect. Ideally this Draft was created from the Global Library Draft so that comparisons can be made between the two for compliance purposes.

  • A list of email addresses of users you wish to invite to work in TrialGrid on the Library or Study Drafts

It can also be useful to have any standards / best practice documentation available so that you can configure Diagnostics and their settings to match your standards / best practices.

Starting out:

Setting up Standard Libraries:

It is not required to use Standard Libraries with TrialGrid but Standard Library Projects are convenient ways to manage Diagnostic Settings and make it quicker to build study Drafts by importing objects. Setting up a Standard Library Project is very similar to setting up a Study Project so reading through this section is recommended.

Working with Study Drafts

Automated Testing