Uploading a Draft to a Standard Library ProjectΒΆ

From the home page of your Standard Library Project click the link in the Drafts card to view the Drafts list for this Project manage_drafts_link

Project Drafts List

You will see an empty list of Drafts for this Project. Like Rave Architect, a Project can have many Drafts. Click the upload_draft_button button to open the Draft Upload page.


At this point we could also click the New Draft button to create a New Draft but this guide assumes that Standard Library Drafts will be imported from an Architect Loader Spreadsheet exported from a Rave Global Library or other Draft.

Select Draft to Load

Click choose_file_button to select the Architect Loader Spreadsheet file from your computer. You can choose whether to enter a name for the Draft or not. If you do not enter a name then the name is taken from the DraftName column on the CRFDraft sheet of the spreadsheet.


It is possible to have multiple Drafts in a Project, each with the same name. You can rename a Draft at any time.

Once you have selected your Draft file and (optionally) named it click load_draft_button to start the process of Upload.

The file upload proceeds in two stages. First the file is transferred to TrialGrid. Depending on the size of the file and your network upload speed this can take a few seconds up to a few minutes. The second part is the processing of the uploaded file. The time to process the upload file depends on its size but is generally less than a minute.

Upload Progress


Do not leave or refresh the web page while the upload part of the process is underway. If you do so you will get a warning that the upload will be abandoned. Once the upload is complete the processing of the file becomes a background task and you can move way to another page while the processing completes if you wish to.

Upload Complete

Once the processing is complete the page changes to allow you to open the newly imported Draft or to upload another. Any warnings on import are listed on this page and cog_icon button opens a menu option to copy or print these warnings for your records if you wish.

Upload Warnings


Warnings relate to the structure or content of the Architect Loader Spreadsheet file. For example, missing columns and rows which are expected in the spreadsheet. TrialGrid will warn you if there are elements of your Draft which are not compatible with the URL Core Configuration such as missing Marking Groups.

Once you have finished reviewing any import warnings, click open_draft_button to continue to the home page for your new Draft.