The Page Header

You will see that the navigation header of every page is similar.

Page header

The header shows:

First line:

  • The current system version number. Click this label to read latest release notes.

  • A support button (see below)

  • A drop-down list of active system (background) tasks

  • A drop-down list of recent system Alerts

  • Your name (if set), selected icon (if any) and your username. Click this link to access your user profile and the option to log out.


If you are idle in the system for too long you will be automatically logged out but for security, please log out of the system when you have finished working in TrialGrid.

Second line:

  • A “breadcrumb trail” showing your current location in the navigation of the system.

  • A Help button which will open a new Help window with information about the page you are currently on.