You may not have permission to create a new URL. In that case a URL will already have been created for and you can skip to the next section of this guide.

Setting up a new URLΒΆ

In Medidata Rave, a URL like acts as a container for Projects and for Project Drafts. TrialGrid provides a similar structure. To get started we need to create a URL.

Create a new URL from the URL list

Select the URL Card from the Home page to navigate to the list of URLs you have access to then click the Add URL button to open the Add new URL page:

Create a new URL

Only the name of the URL is required at this point. TrialGrid will complete the web address of the Rave URL as <url_name> but this is optional. The Rave version number is also optional. Both web address and Version fields are currently only used in TrialGrid for information, they do not affect functionality.


An TrialGrid URL does not have to match the Rave URL of the same name but it is less confusing if they do match.

Once you have completed the fields, click the create_url_button button. You will then be taken to the home page for that URL.