Your Home Page

Each time you log in you will be brought to your home page. Initially it will look quite bare:

Home Page

For a new account there will not be any activities to list in the activities section. As you perform actions in the system such as creating or editing Forms, this area will show a summary of your last activities. A similar listing on the URL Home Page, Project and Draft pages shows what has changed within that URL / Draft or Project and who made the change.

On the left hand side of the screen are a set of “cards” which show:

  1. The number of Standards Compliance Requests that are waiting for your approval.

  2. The number of URLs you have access to. URLs in TrialGrid are similar to URLs in Medidata Rave. All work on Projects and Study Drafts happens within a URL container.

  3. The number of Open Tickets which have been assigned to you. Tickets are actions assigned to you by other users or yourself.

  4. The number of System Tasks that have updated since your last login. A System task is a background job that you assign to the system such as loading an Architect Loader Spreadsheet.

  5. The number of new System Alerts since your last login. The System generates alerts for activities like completed tasks.