Tickets are worklist items which can be assigned to users and labelled with different workflow states. They can be used for Specifications, To-Do items and any other type of activity where tracking tasks is important within a Project.

Tickets can be assigned to individual users who have a role in the Project Team and/or to a URL Role. When a Ticket is assigned to or removed from an indidivual user, they will receive an email (unless they have turned off receiving email nofications in their TrialGrid user profile). When a Ticket is assigned to a URL Role, the users in the Project with that Role will not be notified by email. If you wish to notify the users with a certain URL Role you can '@mention' the role in a Ticket comment (see below).

Tickets can be associated with:

  • CRF Draft Objects such as Forms, Data Dictionaries etc.

  • Labels which can be used to track workflow states

  • Test Cases


A user with Comment permission may add a comment to a Ticket. Like Tickets, Comments are formatted in the Markdown syntax and can include references to Project wiki pages, other tickets using the #<ticket_number> and other users using the @username syntax. Users who are @mentioned in this way will receive an alert message in the application but also an email notification that they have been mentioned with a link to the location of the ticket/comment.