In TrialGrid a URL represents a Medidata Rave URL such as innovate.mdsol.com. An Organization may have many URLs but each URL has its own Core Configuration.

A URL has:

  • A list of Projects representing Medidata Rave studies.

  • A list of Project Role Definitions which define the User Roles and permissions that users can have in Projects in this URL.

  • A list of Labels which can be associated with Projects, Study Drafts, Tickets and other objects in this URL.

  • A list of Property Sheets which define spreadsheet-like views of objects for users with certain Project Roles

  • A list of Custom Objects which define additional object types in the URL.

  • A list of Metadata (Custom Properties) which define additional metadata for objects in the URL.

  • A list of Document Templates which define documents that can be generated for Drafts (e.g. annotates)

  • A list of Actions which define workflow actions such as adding and removing Labels from objects like Edit Checks and Derivations.

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