Document Templates

When you generate a document (see : User Documents) the definition of the document comes from a Document Template.

Document Templates define the layout and content of documents. They may also have settings which allow the user generating a document to modify the content (e.g. whether to include Matrices in a Draft document).

A Template which is not Active does not appear in the list of available Templates. Setting the Active flag to False is useful to retire Document Templates or during development of new versions of Templates which are not yet ready for use by other users.

Locked Templates cannot be modified until they are unlocked. Lock templates when you do not wish them to be modified by accident.

Each Document Template has a unique fingerprint which is generated from its settings. Changing the definition of the Template will change this fingerprint. This can be used to track validated versions of Document Templates and this fingerprint can be included in the output of the template.

Document Templates may be copied between URLs that a user has access to. Users must have the Manage Document Template permission in order to copy Document Templates into a URL, to create or modify existing Document Templates or to delete Document Templates from a URL.