Importing Edit Checks from a Standard LibraryΒΆ

So far we have imported Forms from a Standard Library. Now lets do the same for Edit Checks.

Starting at the home page for your Study Draft, click the Edit Checks link in the Draft Object card:

Edit Checks Link from Draft Home Page

The Edit Check list for the Draft is displayed.

Edit Checks

Click import_button and select the Standard Library Draft to import from.

Select Edit Check Draft for Import

The List updates to show the Edit Checks in the Standards Draft.

Importing a Valid Edit Check

An Edit Check can only be imported if the target Draft you are importing into has all the necessary objects to make that Edit Check valid. For instance, all the Forms and Fields referenced must exist in the target Draft. To view those requirements click expand_button next to the Edit Check name.

In the example above we can see the requirements for the Edit Check AE001. The small_import_button button is enabled meaning that this Edit Check can be imported.

A little further down the Edit Check list is an Edit Check which does not have an active import button because its requirements are not met.

Unable to import an Invalid Edit Check