Adding and Editing Projects

A Project can be added from the URL Project listing.

A Project may be marked as containing Standard Libraries. This option allows the Drafts in this Project to appear in the selection for a Draft as a Standard Library for that Draft. If this option is not set then the Drafts within this Project are not displayed as choices for a Drafts Standard Libary.

Projects have a default setting of ‘View All’ enabled, which means that all users who have access to that URL will be able to view, but not edit, that Project. If ‘View All’ is disabled then only users who have been added to the Project Team will be allowed to see that Project.

Projects have an ‘owner’, ie. the User who is responsible for that Project. A Project owner has all rights to perform actions in their Project (e.g. to upload Drafts, Manage Diagnostics etc).

Users with ‘Manager’ rights on the URL may view all Projects but do not automatically have permissions to modify Project data.

Read more about Standard Libraries.

Automated Test Configuration

A Project has configurations for Automated Tests and the Test Case Advisor, see Project Test Configuration. If Automated Testing is not being used these settings can be ignored.