Project Test Configuration

Each Project has a configuration for Automated Tests and the Test Case Advisor. The configuration settings will have default values which can be modified but are not required to change, unless Medidata Rave EDC (RaveX) is being tested in which case an additional Project Configuration step is required.

The Project Test configurations can be viewed and edited by navigating to the Project home page and clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

Automated Test Configuration

These settings are used when TrialGrid runs Test Cases.

Rave Classic

These settings are optional. They provide default values when Test Cases are run, see Creating Test Sets.

  1. The Rave Classic URL, e.g.

  2. The Study in Rave. This is defaulted to the Project name but can be changed.

  3. The Environment for the Study (e.g. TEST, UAT or DEV).

  4. The Site Number where test subjects will be created


Medidata Rave Environment names are case-sensitive, e.g. Medidata Rave will allow ‘Dev’ and ‘DEV’ as separate environments. The correct case must be used when running TrialGrid Test Cases.


TrialGrid will allow you to run tests against the Production environment if you enter Prod as the Environment. It is advised not to provide the User Accounts provided to TrialGrid for Automated Testing with access to the Prod environment unless you really know what you are doing.



These settings are not required if the Medidata Rave URL has been configured with TG_UAT draft version 7 or higher.

These settings are required when running tests against Medidata Rave EDC (RaveX) with TG_UAT draft version 6 or lower but should otherwise be left blank.

  1. iMedidata URL. or

  2. Rave EDC URL. A URL extracted from the TrialGrid EDC application - see below for instructions. If you need assistance finding the correct URL to test a Medidata Rave EDC (Rave X) project please contact TrialGrid.

    1. Log into iMedidata

    2. Navigate to Rave EDC for the appropriate Study and Environment

    3. Select a Site (if you only have access to one Site in that Study and Environment it will default to that site)

    4. Copy the URL string from your browser:

      Rave EDC URL
    5. Paste the URL string into the Rave EDC URL setting in TrialGrid

      Project Test Configuration


Copying and pasting this URL does not create any security risk. Access to this URL is only possible by authenticatin with a valid iMedidata account, one which has permission to view the selected Study, Environment and Site.

TG_UAT configuration

These settings are always required and should match the Medidata Rave URL Configuration created in the initial URL Configuration for Automated Tests, see Initial Setup for Automated Testing.

Test Case Advisor Configuration

These settings are used when the TrialGrid Test Case Advisor suggests Test Cases.

  1. Default Role. The Medidata Rave EDC Role which will be used in the log in step.

  2. Subject Name Format. See Test Case Subjects

  3. Default Unknown Day. Used when suggesting Test Cases for an Edit Check with a Field with a partial date format.

  4. Default Unknown Month. Used when suggesting Test Cases for an Edit Check with a Field with a partial date format.

  5. Default Unknown Year. Used when suggesting Test Cases for an Edit Check with a Field with a partial date format.