Automated Testing Limitations

TrialGrid Automated Testing supports the majority of Medidata Rave Edit Checks but with some limitations.

Rave EDC (RaveX) Support

Automated Testing does not currently support role-switching for iMedidata/Rave EDC users. When providing iMedidata user credentials for Rave EDC roles (e.g. a user for the Investigator role) the user provided should not have multiple roles in the same study. It is recommended to create users specifically for Automated Testing.

When testing against Rave EDC (RaveX) it is possible that intermittent errors will occur. TrialGrid will attempt to retry a number of times but will sometimes fail to execute a test case because of known Rave EDC (RaveX) errors. If the Test Case is re-run it will probably succeed.

Test Case Generation Limitations

  • Test steps are not generated for Custom Function steps and actions.

  • Test data values are not generated for Dynamic Search Lists.

  • Test cases are not generated for Logical Record Position Edit Checks.

  • Test cases are not generated for Edit Checks using the IsNonConformant or InLocalLabRange step functions.

  • Rave Web Services cannot create 2 Forms in the same Folder instance if the Folder has a parent Folder. If the Edit Check references multiple such Forms and the Folder/Forms are not in the default matrix then an issue will be added to the Test Case, which will not be valid. Steps must be added to trigger the creation of appropriate Forms and Folders, for example by entering data to trigger Add or Merge Matrix check actions.

Test Case Limitations

  • Tests cannot be generated or run for Edit Checks referencing Folders with ‘grand-parents’, e.g. a Folder with a Parent which itself has a Parent Folder.

  • Test data cannot be entered for a Field with a Unit Dictionary if no Unit is specified. This is a limitation of Rave Web Services.

Check Actions Not Supported

The following Check Actions are not supported by TrialGrid:

  • AddDeviation

  • BalanceCreateSubject

  • BalanceDispense

  • BalancePDALUpdate

  • BalanceRandomize

  • BalanceRandomizeAndDispense

  • BalanceRedispense

  • BalanceSubjectDeactivate

  • MarkActivityComplete

  • OldMrgMatrix

  • RequireReview

  • SendMessage

  • SetFolderRequiresSignature

  • SetFormRequiresSignature

  • SetSecondarySubjectName

  • SetSiteInformation

  • SetSubjectRequiresSignature

Check Actions Supported

The following Check Actions are supported by TrialGrid:

  • AddComment

  • AddForm

  • AddMatrix

  • CustomFunction

  • IsPresent

  • MrgMatrix

  • OpenQuery

  • PlaceSticky

  • RequireVerification

  • SetDataPoint

  • SetDataPointVisible

  • SetDynamicSearchList

  • SetNonconformant

  • SetSubjectName

  • SetSubjectStatus

  • SetTimeForward

  • SetTimeZero