Folder, Form and DataPoint References

Many steps require a Folder, Form or DataPoint reference. A Datapoint reference has the format:


Folder and Form repeats may also be specified and if not provided Folder and Form repeat are interpreted as 0 so the following are identical:


Note that Field recordposition is always required.

Folder and Form references follow the same pattern but do not include the FIELD_OID section.

Examples of Form references:


Note that Form references and Folder references appear in steps like:

Given Form "VS[0]" exists in Folder "VISIT"

This makes it clear which is a Form reference and which is a Folder reference.

Examples of Folder references:


Nested Folders


Folders may be nested in Rave. Use the / notation to reference the Folder path, starting with a / for an absolute folder reference, see below.

See also the section on navigating repeated nested folders in the Rave Web Services documentation

Parent Folders


Our guidance on dealing with parent Folders has changed. For backwards compatibility it is possible

to have test steps which do not specify the Parent Folder, but we recommend that Parent/Child Folders are always specified with an absolute path. This avoids any confusion about the folder path structure. This is particularly important where a Parent contains more than one Child Folder.

If a draft Folder has a parent Folder it is not necessary to specify the parent in a Test Step, but we recommend that you use an absolute Folder Reference, including the parent Folder, see below.

Absolute Folder References

For clarity we recommend that you specify the full Folder path, including parent folders. This can be done by prefixing the folder(s) with a '/':


This is particularly important when a parent/child is within another folder. The following references are equivalent but the first one is clearer because the full folder path is visible:


Creating Parent/Child Folders

Because of an issue in Rave Web Services, the test step 'folder "FOLDER" exists' should not be used with Parent/Child folders, when there are multiple Child folders within the same Parent folder.

If Parent/Child folders need to be added, the 'I add folder' steps can be used, adding the parent at the subject level and then adding the child(ren) to the parent:

1   Background:
2     Given I am logged in with role "Batch Upload"
3     And a subject exists
4     And I add folder "PARENT" to the subject
5     And I add folder "CHILD1" to folder "PARENT"
6     And I add folder "CHILD2" to folder "PARENT"