Folder, Form and DataPoint References

Many steps require a Folder, Form or DataPoint reference. A Datapoint reference has the format:


Folder and Form repeats may also be specified and if not provided Folder and Form repeat are interpreted as 0 so the following are identical:


Note that Field recordposition is always required.

Folder and Form references follow the same pattern but do not include the FIELD_OID section.

Examples of Form references:


Note that Form references and Folder references appear in steps like:

Given Form "VS[0]" exists in Folder "VISIT"

This makes it clear which is a Form reference and which is a Folder reference.

Examples of Folder references:


Note the third example - Folders may be nested in Rave. Use the / notation to reference the Folder path. See the section on navigating repeated nested folders in the Rave Web Services documentation

Parent Folders

If a draft Folder has a parent Folder it is not necessary to specify the parent in a Test Step.

For example if Folder “CHILD” has a parent Folder “PARENT” then it is sufficient to refer to the child:


The same applies for further nesting of parent folders. If Folder “PARENT” itself has a parent “GRANDPARENT” then it does not need to be specified:


Absolute Folder References

For clarity it might be useful to specify the full Folder path, including parent folders. This can be done by prefixing the folder(s) with a ‘/’:


This can help when a parent/child is within another folder. The following references are equivalent but the first one is clearer because the full folder path is visible: