How does Automated Testing Work?

TrialGrid Automated Testing works by entering data into Medidata Rave via Rave Web Services and then using a Rave Classic or Rave EDC account to collect screenshots as evidence of data entered and Edit Checks run.

Rave Web Services (RWS) is a Medidata Rave technology which allows integrating systems to enter data into Medidata Rave exactly as a user would. When data is entered via RWS, all Edit Checks run exactly as they would if a user performed the data entry and an RWS user cannot enter data into Fields or Forms which are view/entry restricted to those users.

RWS requires a Rave Classic account (sometimes known as a Rave Service Account) in order to work.

TrialGrid Automated Testing does not require that any changes are made to your Study. It does require that a special Study called “TG UAT” be created in the Rave URL where testing will take place. TrialGrid Ltd provides a special draft which must be uploaded and published to this study and to a single study site. The Rave Service account user must have access to this TG UAT study and to any other study where Automated Testing is to be run (in order for it to enter data to that study).