The Project Wiki is a simple but very effective communication tool. Teams can use it to capture design notes, discuss issues, document meeting minutes and for many other purposes where you would turn to a shared Microsoft Word document, discussion forum or planning tool.

When a new Project is created a new Wiki page ‘index’ is created. There is nothing special about this page except that in the Project Settings this page is set as the Main Wiki Page.

Typical contents of the index page are:

### Project Name

[[Edit this page|index?action=edit]]

This markup may seem mysterious but the Wiki editor provides a Wiki / Ticket Editing Cheat Sheet for the syntax. This example is a level 3 heading with the project name followed by a link to edit the index page.

Revision History

Every wiki page maintains a revision history and every edit is tracked. Users can compare previous versions of wiki page content vs the current or other versions in a change-highlighted view.

Example usage

As an example, we could edit the index page to this:

### My Project

Welcome to **My Project**

* Meet the [[Team]]
* Read [[Edit Check Guidelines]]
* Review [[Project Schedule]]

When you save and view this page it will display as a bold welcome message followed by a bulleted list with 3 links to pages called Team, Edit Check Guidelines and Project Schedule. Clicking on any of those links will take you to a new wiki page. If the page does not exist you can create it immediately just by editing it. This allows you to quickly organize information about your project.