Assigning Team Members to Roles

The Add Team Members page allows a Project Owner to assign users (via their email addresses) to Roles within the project.

The page displays a multi-line text box for each Role type defined in the URL. To assign a user to a Role, type (or paste) the email address of the user into the text box for that Role.

Typing ‘@’ will display a list of users who are already associated with the URL.

When you have assigned users to Roles click the Save button to commit the changes.

When a User does not have a TrialGrid Account

If the email entered for a User assignment is not recognized by TrialGrid as an existing User then an invitation email is sent to that email address. The User will have a number of hours to activate their account by visiting the link in the invitation and setting a password. If a user does not receive the email or if the activation period expires then the user can be re-invited using the re-invite button in the Team Member list.

Users who have not yet activated TrialGrid accounts are marked as Inactive in the Project Team list.

When a User already has a TrialGrid Account

If the email entered for User assignment is recognized by TrialGrid as an existing User, that User will be notified by email that they have been assigned a Role for this Project.


It is possible to switch the Role of a User already assigned to the Project Team by using the Add Team Members page to invite the User to the new Role. A User can only have one Role in a Project at any time.