Changing your Password

Users can change their passwords by visiting their Profile page and selecting the Change Password tab. To change a password enter the current password and then the new password. TrialGrid requires you to enter the new password twice as a confirmation.


TrialGrid enforces a number of restrictions on passwords:

  • A password must contain at least 9 characters

  • A password cannot be too similar to a user’s username, email address, firstname or lastname

  • A password cannot appear in the system list of common passwords

  • A password cannot be made up of all numbers

Organization password policies

Additional password requirements can be specified for each Organization in TrialGrid:

  • A password must contain an uppercase letter

  • A password must contain a lowercase letter

  • A password must contain a number

  • A password must contain one of these characters: !@#$%^&*

  • A password cannot be a password which has been exposed in a data breach. TrialGrid uses the HIBP API. TrialGrid does not send your password to this service; k-Anonymity is used.

  • Previous passwords cannot be re-used. The number of previous passwords to be checked against is configurable by TrialGrid.

  • Password expiry after a specified number of days

The active requirements for your Organization will be displayed on the Change Password page.

Forcing password resets

TrialGrid users can be forced to change their password before being able to log in again. Contact TrialGrid support to request this for one or more users.