Edit Check Explorer

The Edit Check Explorer provides an overview of the relationships between Forms defined by Edit Checks. Form names are displayed around the edge of a circle. Lines between the Forms are drawn where one or more Edit Checks references data from those two forms.

Example: if an Edit Check references a Field in Form1 and a Field in Form2 then a link is drawn between Form1 and Form2.

The graph shows the link between Forms as well as Forms that apparently have no Edit Checks which join them with another Form. A Form that contains a date Field which is not compared to any other Form might be an oversight with date-checking for instance.


Inactive Forms are shown in Red in the Check Explorer

Form-Only Checks

Not all Edit Checks are cross-form. If an Edit Check only references data from a single form it does not appear on the graph but it will appear in the second section on the right of the graph. This area lists all the Edit Checks that reference only this Form.

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