Running Diagnostics

Once Diagnostics have been selected for a Project, running Diagnostics on a Draft means running all selected Diagnostics on that Draft.

Diagnostics run as a background Task (see Tasks) so a user does not have to wait until the process is complete, they can do other work and wait for the notification that the task has completed.

As the Diagnostics run against the draft, progress is reported via a progress bar. A green progress bar means that there are no findings so far. A red progress bar means that a Diagnostic has at least one finding.

Viewing Results

When the Diagnostics have completed checking the Draft, the "View Results" button will take the user to the last results page which shows all the outstanding findings. From this page explanations (see Diagnostic Explanations can be entered or (for some Diagnostics) the finding addressed directly from that screen.

PDF Reports

Each Diagnostic run generates a PDF report that shows who ran the Diagnostic, on what Draft at what time and which Diagnostic tests were selected for the Project. This acts as testing evidence supporting your quality processes. The PDF report limits the output to 100 findings per Diagnostic but shows the full count of unexplained findings.

Excel Reports

Each Diagnostic run generates an Excel report that shows:

  • The Diagnostic ID (e.g. 0001)

  • The importance setting of the Diagnostic (High, Medium or Low)

  • The Diagnostic description

  • The text of the finding

  • Any explanation entered for this finding

Each of the columns in the spreadsheet may be filtered.

See also

For a description of all available Diagnostics please see Diagnostic Catalog