A Derivation must have a unique name which can contain letters, digits and the underscore character.


The logic of the Derivation Check determines whether or not the Check Actions will be performed. Derivation logic can be written using Clinical Query Language (CQL) which will be automatically converted to Rave’s ‘quickedit’ format. Content-sensitive help will be displayed as you type. If the syntax is invalid an error message will be displayed.

Derivations can only use functions and operators which are valid for Rave Derivations. For example, this is NOT a valid Derivation:



Rave allows Derivations to include steps which will not be evaluated into the final result, and TrialGrid will also allow this. For example the first step in the following Derivation, referencing the AGE field, will not be included in the Derivation result, which will be the value of the second step: