Custom Function List

A Draft has an associated list of Custom Functions which can be accessed from the Draft Objects table on the Draft home page.

The Custom Function list displays the name and language of the Custom Function, and the Edit Checks and Derivations in which the Custom Function is used.

The Source Code can be displayed by clicking on the expand row icon in the left column.

The list can be search by the name of the custom function, and/or the source code can be searched (case insensitively).

The Actions column displays TrialGrid’s analysis of what actions the Custom Function will perform. This analysis uses simple string pattern matching, which should be reasonably reliable but is not guaranteed to find all actions. The current string patterns used in the analysis are:

Action | String pattern |
SendEmail | Message.SendEmail( |
Enter | .Enter( |
MergeMatrix | .MergeMatrix( |
DSL | (DynamicSearchParams) |
IsVisible | .IsVisible = |
Active | .Active = |
SubjectStatus | .SubjectStatus = |
SetTimeForward | .SetTimeForward( |
SetInstanceName | .SetInstanceName( |
SetDate | .SetDate( |
Name | .Name = |
SetNonConformant | .SetNonConformant( |