Edit Checks

An Edit Check must have a unique name which can contain letters, digits and the underscore character.


The logic of the Edit Check determines whether or not the Check Actions will be performed. Edit Check logic can be written using Clinical Query Language (CQL) which will be automatically converted to Rave’s ‘quickedit’ format. Content-sensitive help will be displayed as you type. The lists of Folder, Forms and Fields will display the first 10 objects, typing keys will then filter the list. Multiple search terms can be entered using an underscore as a separator. For example typing ‘VIS_1’ will display all Folders which contain ‘VIS’ and which contain ‘1’.

If the syntax is invalid an error message will be displayed.

Edit Check logic must evaluate to True (Check Actions will be performed) or False (Check Actions will not be performed).


An Edit Check should contain one or more Check Actions. The Datapoint on which the Check Action is performed is specified using Clinical Query Language (CQL). For each type of Check Action the appropriate options will be displayed for selection and entry.

Note: the ‘SendMessage’ Check Action may cause an error on upload into Rave Architect due to a defect in Rave Architect Loader (Medidata reference: DEV-3145)