Comparing DraftsΒΆ

The Compare button on the Draft Home Page allows two Drafts to be compared for differences. Unlike a Standards Compliance Compare this comparison does not take into account allowed changes, it simply compares differences between objects in the Draft. This comparison also examines changes to Matrices and Folders which are not part of Standards Compliance Comparisons because Folder/Matrix objects are usually very different between a Library and a Project.

To perform a comparison, select a Draft to compare the current Draft against. Normally these comparisons are between Drafts in the same Project but the current Draft can be compared against any other Draft that the user has access to.

The Draft Comparison detects 4 categories of changes:

  • Object exists in both Drafts but has some differences

  • Object exists in current Draft but not in the comparison Draft

  • Object exists in the comparison Draft but not in the current Draft

  • Object exists in both Drafts but only Ordinal has changed (for Folder and Form objects)

For Folders and Forms, the addition or removal of a Folder or Form will cause renumbering of Ordinals. These changes may not be significant and so are shown as a separate change type where only the Ordinal of the object has changed. For example, if the Ordinal of a Form was changed but also the Draft Form Name then this will be shown as a Difference between the Objects. If only the Ordinal of a Form is changed then this is shown as an Ordinal change only.

Differences are shown in a table along with when each object was last changed and which user made the change. Where there are differences between Objects in the Drafts these can be explored further by selecting the Compare button for those Objects. This shows the detail view of differences between the Objects.


Objects in Standard Drafts have additional properties such as allowed changes, can add and can delete child objects (such as Fields in Forms and Entries in Data and Unit Dictionaries. These standards compliance properties are not compared when using this function.