Property Sheets for Draft Objects

Property sheets can be defined for a number of draft objects. Property Sheets provide a spreadsheet-like view which allows users to perform bulk edits.

Editing attributes in a Sheet

Any cell which is editable can be modified by clicking into it and typing. Check-box cells can be changed by clicking on the checkbox in the centre of the cell. Drop-down cells can be changed by selecting a value from the drop-down. Pressing "Delete" on a cell or a selection of cells will remove the content of those cells.

A modified cell will show a pencil icon in the row handle on the right hand side. This pencil icon disappears when the sheet is saved.


Property Sheets may only show a subset of all possible attributes. For example, the Check Actions of a Check are not represented in the Edit Check sheets. If you copy a row of a property sheet and paste it into a new row these hidden or missing columns are not copied, only the attributes which are present in the sheet.

Selecting and Copy / Paste

Just as in a spreadsheet a set of cells can be selected at one time by clicking and dragging the mouse. The set of selected cell values can then be copied and pasted into another selection of cells.

With a single cell selected, the drag handle at the left bottom corner of the cell may be used to drag this value down to make all cells take the selected value.

Saving changes

The Save button in the toolbar shows how many rows have changes to be saved. Clicking the Save button will submit the changes. If there are any errors in the data (invalid values, Edit check syntax errors etc) then the errors will be shown as warning triangles in the individual cells and on the row number on the left hand side of the grid. Hovering over the triangles with the mouse will display the full error in a pop up hint.


No data is saved until all all errors for the sheet are corrected. All changes save or no changes are saved.

Adding new Objects

New objects may be added by clicking the Add New button in the toolbar. The new object will not be created until the Save button is clicked. Property sheets may be set up with default values for some attributes which will be automatically entered.

Deleting Objects

Objects can be deleted by selecting rows and using the right-click menu "Delete Row(s)". Note that this action cannot be undone.

Undo and Redo

Changes to the spreadsheet can be undone and re-done using the Undo and redo buttons in the toolbar. Note that saving the sheet or deleting rows from the sheet cannot be undone.