Field Coding Configuration

When a Field is intended to be coded by a Medical Coding product such as Medidata Coder the Field attribute "Coding Dictionary" is entered.

Beside the Coding Dictionary name attribute is a dropdown arrow. Clicking this arrow expands the Coding section in the Form editor.

The Coding section allows the entry of:

  • Coding Level

  • Coding Priority

  • Locale

  • Approval Required

  • Auto-Approval

  • Supplemental Terms

  • Component Terms


Information in the Coding Section is only saved when the Coding Dictionary field is entered. It is not meaningful to have information about Coded Fields which are not related to a Coding Dictionary.


Unlike Rave Architect TrialGrid does not store information about available Coding Dictionaries for a URL. For this reason TrialGrid currently cannot offer suggestions for Coding Dictionaries, Coding Level or the Component Name value for Component Terms.