Form List

A Draft has an associated list of Forms which can be accessed from the Draft Objects table on the Draft home page.

The Forms list can be filtered by any combination of:

  • A text search

  • One or more Properties
    • Inactive - a Form which has Active=False

    • Signature - requires signature

    • Mixed - a mixed Form containing both standard and log Fields

    • Log - a Form with only log Fields

    • EPRO - an EPRO form

    • Portrait - a Log or Mixed Form set to Portrait Display of log lines

    • Landscape - a Log or Mixed Form set to Landscape Display of log lines

    • Inactive - shown if the Form is Inactive

Clicking on the ‘fields’ link will open the list of Fields for that Form.

Editing Forms

A Form may be edited by clicking the Edit button for the Form in the list.

Creating a New Form

A new Form can be created by clicking the “New Form” button from this page.

Deleting Forms

A Form may be deleted by clicking the Delete (Trashcan) icon for the Form line in the list.

Reordering Forms

Forms may be re-ordered by dragging a Form line to a new position in the list. This will renumber the Ordinal for that Form and for the other Forms in the draft.

Copying Forms

Forms can be copied from Standard Libraries or other CRF Drafts. Clicking on the ‘Import’ button will display a dialog from which a Standard Library or CRF Draft can be selected. If the Form already exists in the target Draft then copying additional Fields will add those Fields to the existing Form. If the Form does not exist in the target Draft it will be created.

If a Form in the source references a LinkFolder or LinkForm which does not exist in the target Draft, then the ‘Copy’ button will not be displayed and the Form cannot be copied until the LinkFolder or LinkForm has been created in the target Draft.

The list will include inactive Forms and inactive Fields, as well as active ones.

The list of Fields within a Form can be viewed by clicking on the ‘+’ to expand the row. All Fields are selected by default - this can be changed and the Fields to be copied can be selected by clicking on the row. The checkbox at the beginning of the row will indictate if the Field is to be copied.

Copying a Form will copy all of the Fields, or the selected Fields and will also copy any Data Dictionaries and Unit Dictionaries referenced by Fields in the Form if they do not already exist in the target Draft.

When viewing Fields for a Form in a Standard Library, the text ‘STD: Required’ will be displayed if the Field is required for Standards Compliance. Forms can be copied without one or more of the Standards Compliance required Fields, but these Forms will be non-compliance with the Standard Library version.

After a Form has been copied, the source will be displayed in the Form Editor.

For Standards Compliance, the Form will be compared against its source, if the source was a Standard Library, or against the main Library associated with the CRF Draft if the Form was copied from another CRF Draft.


Custom Properties set on Forms and Fields are only copied to the new Draft if custom properties exist in the target URL with those names. If the properties set on the source Form or Fields do not exist in the target URL then they are not copied.