A Draft has an associated list of Matrices which can be accessed from the Draft Objects table on the Draft home page. Each Matrix has associated Folder/Forms. This page displays the list of Matrices for the Draft and displays the Folder/Form combinations for the selected Matrix or Matrices.

Matrix list

From the Matrix list you can:

  • Create a new Matrix

  • Edit an existing Matrix

  • Create a copy of an existing Matrix, including its Folder/Form combinations

  • Delete a Matrix

  • Create an “All Forms” Matrix

  • Create a “Merged” Matrix


You can display the Folder/Form combinations associated with a Matrix by selecting the Matrix in the list. To activate selecting multiple Matrices, click on the ‘Multi Select’ button.

To activate editing of Folder/Form combinations, click on the ‘Edit’ button, then click on the cell you want to include or exclude from the Matrix. If Multi Select is enabled all selected Matrices will be updated at the same time.

When Multi Select is enabled the Folder/Form marker is shown as a green square if the Folder/Form exists in only one selected matrix. If it exists in 2 matrices then it is shown as an orange square and if it exists in 3 or more matrices it is shown as a red square.


Inactive Forms are shown with “(Inactive)” after the OID Text. An Inactive Form may still be added to a Matrix but the Folder/Form marker is shown as a white square with a dark grey border instead of a blue square.

Creating All-Forms and Merged Matrices

The “New Matrix” button contains two sub-options to create All-Forms and Merged Matrices.

An All-Forms Matrix is created from all active Forms. These Forms are all added to the SUBJECT folder. This type of Matrix is typically used as a target for PDF Generation in Rave Architect since it shows the layout of all Forms.

A Merged Matrix is created by merging the Folder/Form combinations of existing Matrices.